How to Organize Results-Oriented Models in Your Work-From-Home Reality | Dr. Kasie Whitener

Dr. Kasie Whitener, a change agent and a writer, talks about how strategies and methods can improve an employee’s work performance and the whole workforce. She is a consultant who helps clients deal with remote workforce issues.

Independent Workforce

Dr. Kasie shares her opinion on how a remote workforce should work. She believes that working independently will increase the employee’s productivity. Also, she thinks that human resource management is something that employees struggle with, not being able to manage to themselves freely.

“If given the chance to make an exception for your employee, say yes. Don’t be so bogged down with policy and procedure that you can’t customize the work experience for each of your employees because to be a successful manager of a remote workforce, you’ve got to be able to recognize when people are thriving in it and when people are struggling in it.” – Dr. Kasie Whitener

Type of Contributor

Dr. Kasie shares a reading recommendation called Why Work Sucks and What to Do About It. It is a book about a results-only workplace where it does not matter how the employees do their work, as long as the work gets done. She says that every employee should have the freedom to choose what type of contributor they want to be, no matter what their role is.

“A satellite contributor is a person that never comes into the office at all, everything they do is fully remote. Resident contributors are the residents that are here all the time but, we’re not expecting them to be like eight hours a day. We’re just expecting them to think that this is their primary place of work. ” – Dr. Kasie Whitener

Setting Up Clear Expectations

Dr. Kasie explains how a rubric or scorecard can help in a result-oriented workforce when setting up work expectations. She says that as rubrics are objective, the employees will know what they have to do specifically to get their work done correctly. Additionally, she says that it is one way to keep track of an employee’s performance.

“Setting that sort of rubric right or scorecard is going to be something that’s very easily adopted by the workforce in the future, specifically because they were trained that way in education.” – Dr. Kasie Whitener

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Dr. Kasie Whitener is a change agent: educating students at the Moore School of Business, consulting with clients on implementing remote workforce strategies, and writing and publishing multiple books, shows, and workshops.

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TW: @ClemsonRoad 

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