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Angel Cellucci

In today’s episode of Live with Bottleneck, Angel Cellucci gives her advice on how to protect yourself from Medical Fraud. Medical Fraud has been rampant over the years, especially now during the middle of a pandemic. Hopefully, this episode will be of some help to business owners and the general public alike.

Angel Cellucci started her “nurse-preneurial” journey and founded Overbrook Consultants back in 2014. Overbrook Consultants is a medical fraud investigation company whose goal is to inspire and empower everyone to be better “consumers” of healthcare and avoid getting cheated out of their hard-earned money.


Angel Cellucci and Overbrook Consultants

Angel explains the origins of Overbrook Consultants, which paid homage to the town she grew up in – Overbrook, Philadelphia – and the values that people have taught her growing up. These values drew her into the nursing profession, as she has always wanted to give back and help the community.

Her idea for Overbrook Consultants was to use her nursing knowledge and skills to help insurance carriers find discrepancies and medical billing fraud. Though despite all this, she noticed that people were still paying high premiums for the simplest procedures and checkups.

She figured that people needed to be informed, and that’s when she made a shift from insurance carriers to actual consumers.

 “The Philly in me was like, “Wait a minute, we’re saving them money (but) our premiums are still going up. We’re still paying a lot out of pocket, and there’s a lot of people making money off the backs of the people that the system was designed to serve.” That’s when the Philly in me came out and was like, “Hell no. More people need to know about this”.” – Angel Cellucci


Medical Fraud

Angel brings up the earlier topic of Jaime’s wife being contacted by someone trying to get her medical details. She explains that these fraudsters are often black companies or even organized crime rings trying to harvest information for identity theft.

Unfortunately, it’s not only crime rings and shady companies that commit Medical Fraud. It could happen in the hospitals themselves, where some raise prices for certain procedures to ludicrous amounts. Even ambulance rides and home health services have premium prices nowadays; all to milk more money from your insurance and pocket.

So it’s important to have everyone informed of what their healthcare can and cannot do for them. Being a smart consumer means asking the right questions, and knowing how things work.

 “People try to take advantage of us every step of the way. That’s why I want people to be better consumers of healthcare, more educated, equipped, and empowered.” – Angel Cellucci


Protecting Your Information

Angel continues on with how everyone should protect their data and not provide it readily to other people. If you are not sure about sharing anything over the phone, it’s best not to. In the first place, they should already have that information if they are legitimately from your insurance company and the like.

So if anyone asks for your insurance or medical information over the phone, that’s already a red flag.

“If you get a phone call from somebody you don’t know and they’re trying to sell you something or ask for information unsolicited, just hang up. I know it doesn’t sound nice, but hang up on them because they’re only after your money. Your insurance carrier is never going to call you and say what your insurance number is. They don’t have to because they already know it.” – Angel Cellucci


To hear more from Angel Cellucci and how to avoid Medical Fraud, watch this episode.



Angel Cellucci likes to refer to herself as a Speaker, a Teacher, a Guide & Friend. She has worked in the healthcare system her entire life, having started out as a Candy Striper at the age of 13 and working her way up to become a Registered Nurse, and ultimately a Family Nurse Practitioner.

In 2014 she began her “nurse-preneurial” journey and founded the medical fraud investigation company – Overbrook Consultants. Her goal is to leverage her nursing and medical experience, along with her fraud investigation skills, to inspire & empower everyone to become better “consumers” of health care so they can keep their hard-earned money where it belongs… in THEIR pockets.


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