How to Rebuild Business from the Ashes and Light a Creative Fire | Bethany Michaels


How to Rebuild Business from the Ashes and Light a Creative Fire | Bethany Michaels

Social media content curator and entrepreneur Bethany Michaels joins us today on Live with Bottleneck. She talks about how companies can implement strategies for a successful business during challenging times.

Creating Your Brand 

Bethany shares that there are a lot of businesses right now struggling with their following or audience. She reveals that the market is very saturated and the only way to breakthrough is to create a unique brand or vision. She adds that it is important to know the target people and strategically create content. 

“Social media is just a means of sharing what you are posting regularly. It’s great but if you’re not telling a story or showing who you are or doing something that’s going to resonate with your audience,  then it’s really going to fall on deaf ears.” – Bethany Michaels 

How to Tell Your Story 

Bethany discusses that one of the effective ways for businesses to tell a story is to slightly break the wall of professionalism. She says that it is also better to show the culture behind the business and place themselves out there. She shares that businesses can share content that resonates with people. 

“Determine what you’re comfortable with sharing. Why not showcase someone in your business? A staff member who is going through something you can help or someone with something valuable who can spark a conversation.” – Bethany Michaels 

Be Loud But Clear 

One thing businesses can do in social media is to share their new protocols. She gives a piece of advice that owners should put themselves into their buyers’ shoes to know what would be easy for them. Bethany also adds that it is important for businesses to be flexible and proactive against sudden changes,. Especially now that we face a worldwide pandemic. 

“Silence is not golden right now. You need to be loud. You need to be communicating on your social media and your stories should be explaining what you are doing differently right now.” – Bethany Michaels

To know more about how rebuilding business and lighting creative fire during this pandemic and for more information about Bethany Michaels, watch this episode.


Bethany Michaels is a content curator, social media saint, and creative designer for people who have a vision and want to bring it to life. Bethany caters to clients across the world with a heart for her current residence, the beautiful Orange County, CA.

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