How To STAND OUT In A World So Digitally Overloaded | Jamie Mustard, Author of The Iconist


How To STAND OUT In A World So Digitally Overloaded | Jamie Mustard, Author of The Iconist

If you have not heard about the art of obviousness or economics of attention, you have to watch this episode with Jamie Mustard. Jamie’s goal is to help professionals, artists and businesses curate a standout message to their audiences.

As we live in a digitally overloaded world, individuals and companies have become “invisible.” Jamie provides tried and tested perspectives on how to differentiate yourself while finding meaning.

The Subject of Attention

Jamie shares how his life experiences––from impoverished and semi-literate by 19 to graduating from the London School of Economics–– uniquely prepared him to talk about the subject of attention. All his life, he has been beta-testing his ideas to what has become the book The Iconist: The Art and Science of Standing Out.

“Anything worth doing takes craft in time. It’s about the meaning and the dedication that you’re willing to give to it. The other thing is about figuring things out right.” – Jamie Mustard

The Concept of Standing Out

Jamie shares before asking yourself the question on how to stand out, you have to think first about the problem you are solving. He speaks more about dilution or the issue of being overloaded with so much content that each and everyone of us now has to fight with all of that content and messaging for attention.

“People are exposed to more so you become smaller. You become a smaller tree within that forest.  Everyone is experiencing that and they can feel it and what that comes from is what is called scarcity of attention.” – Jamie Mustard

Reverse Engineering Great Minds

Jamie shares how he studied the writings of Malcolm Gladwell, Daniel Pink and Michael Lewis. He made their best practices as his personal standards. He shares that you can observe a successful person and work backwards––reverse engineer how they achieved their successes.

“I said ‘okay what do I do that’s different from them? What do I do that’s uniquely me? What can I do maybe better than them, even though those guys might be better at most things. So I held myself to that standard of storytelling, writing and research but also focused on my talents, specific interests and abilities.” – Jamie Mustard

To know more about Jamie Mustard and how to stand out in a digitally overloaded world, watch this episode.

Guest Bio:

Jamie Mustard is a strategic multi-media consultant, creative, art and design director, product futurist, and author of The Iconist: The Art and Science of Standing Out. 

He has codified the primal laws of what makes anything iconic––the anatomy of what causes any idea, art or message to STAND OUT and take hold in the human mind, across any medium. 

His passion is to teach the science and art of obviousness, helping professionals, change agents, artists and businesses confidently and at will make their messages, brands and ideas STAND OUT to their desired audiences.

A London School of Economics graduate, Jamie’s work is an explanation of the ‘economics of attention’ based on the primal laws of human perception called Blocks™. Jamie’s Iconist work has spanned some of the world’s leading companies––Cisco, Intel, Adidas, Symantec, and TEDx at creative giant, Wieden + Kennedy. 

Connect with Jaime Mustard

Website: The Iconist


Twitter: @JamieMustard

Instagram: @jamie_mustard/

LinkedIn: Jamie Mustard

Check out his book: The Iconist: The Art and Science of Standing Out 

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