How To Turn Your Passions Into a Thriving Business | Ana Kertesz


Are you planning to start a business but having trouble getting the right ideas, inspiration, and tools to embrace change? Look no further because today on Live on Bottleneck, we have Ana Kertesz, the Founder, and CEO of HOWto.Liveit. She talks about how you can turn your passion into a thriving business.

Transitioning From Corporate 

Moving from traditional business and starting out on your own business can be very challenging for new entrepreneurs. Most of these new entrepreneurs have adopted the behavior of being in a corporate environment. Ana points out in this episode one of the main challenges starting entrepreneurs face when transiting from the corporate world. 

“The main challenge people face when transiting from the corporate world is they’re used to asking permission and validating their ideas. They have to be aware of that ‘recreate yourself’ ‘I’m building a brand.‘ So that’s the first one. The second is you, don’t ask for permission and validation. Get out there and try. That’s what entrepreneurship is about.” – Ana Kertesz

Starting the Business

Ana discusses how her company helps new entrepreneurs. They make things easier and shorter for businesses, allowing them to save time and money. She stresses the importance of organizing and planning for the required procedures and leveraging on vetted expertise from entrepreneurs and experts when starting their business.

 “What we’re creating is how to do different things, how to launch a business, how to fund a business, how to find a good problem to solve we’ve mapped out the very large number of decisions that entrepreneurs need to make and we’re creating the answers for these questions to save people time and money when they’re looking to start a business.” – Ana Kertesz 

Knowledge can make a difference

Entrepreneurship right now is on an all-time low. Most aspiring entrepreneurs feel scared going out on their own and taking that first step due to the lack of knowledge. Ana shares with us her knowledge of how people wanting to turn their passion into a thriving business can make a difference.

“Learn from the best — what are the types of businesses that are recession-proof? The types of businesses that need less of an investment to start? What are the best practices to follow and learn how to find a very specific niche to start the best setup you can get to have a profitable business that is recession-proof with minimum capital investment.” – Ana Kertesz

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Ana Kertesz is a driven entrepreneur who started HOWto.LIVEit after realizing how hard it is to find the right ideas, inspiration, and tools to embrace change and build any type of business. 

She has positioned herself as a role model who champions knowledge, creativity, confidence, and action, with strong support from a community of entrepreneurs, experts & investors. 

Morevoer, Ana pairs her passionate personality with a wealth of experience as an investor, dealmaker, and advisor at Goldman Sachs, at Peninsula, and from her MBA at Harvard Business School. 

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