Identifying Virtual Assistants: General VA vs Specialized VA

Identifying Virtual Assistants: General VA vs Specialized VA

Do you want to know which type of virtual assistant (VA) is perfect for your business? When thinking about hiring a VA, many business owners often fail to determine what they really need. On another hand, aspiring VAs often fail to determine where they perfectly fit. In any case, Identifying Virtual Assistants: General VA vs Specialized VA is important. Read on to know about it.

The General Virtual Assistant

Every business has specific internal functions to maintain—all of which cover the daily tasks necessary to run the business. They include answering concerns from customers, bookkeeping, scheduling meetings, encoding data, and the like administrative tasks.

Often you may find yourself overwhelmed with a lot of things to accomplish in so little time. You wonder how you can keep your business running while making sure that you run it consistently according to the standards that you have set. This is when you need a general virtual assistant.

Identifying Virtual Assistants General VA vs Specialized VAThey can work alongside you in completing critical functions. General VAs serve behind the scenes and work to ensure that things are going well. They can lessen your load when it comes to the following tasks:

  • Data entry
  • Email handling
  • Travel booking
  • Market research
  • Customer inquiries
  • Recording minutes of a meeting
  • Creation of weekly reports

Simply put, anything that has to do with clerical, secretarial, or assistant jobs are suitable for general VAs. Many consider them as the jack-of-all-trades since they do a variety of tasks.

Regardless of the workload they have, general VAs receive less compensation in contrast to specialized ones. This is mainly because the tasks they complete can be done by almost anyone else, and don’t require specialized knowledge or skills.

The Specialized Virtual Assistant

Many business owners are jaded with the idea of having a “Rockstar Assistant”. Often they think that life will be easier for them once they have a virtual assistant. However, it may not always be the case.

When you think about having a “Rockstar Assistant”, are you referring to someone who has multiple skill sets? But, what particular function do you need help with? Instead of a General virtual assistant, you might be looking to hire team members with areas of specialization ranging from:

  • Graphic design
  • Website development
  • Website management
  • Social media management
  • Order processing
  • HR management

These specialized virtual assistants are equipped with special knowledge and skills. Apparently, the tasks they fulfill aren’t easily completed by anyone. Many (if not all) of them have a good background in those job roles, and may even have certifications. For this, they receive a higher compensation in contrast to general VAs.

Bottleneck vs Rockstar Virtual Assistant

From the name they have, rockstar assistants are highly impressive individuals that have the knack to complete a specific job. Bottleneck assistants, on the other hand, can take on a job really well on their own—they are expected to lessen your workload and free up some time for you.

There stands a very thin line in between. From a perspective, you’ll find that both definitions can depend on what you expect. What qualifications are you looking for?

Identifying Virtual Assistants General VA vs Specialized VAWhen running a business, it is important to have a steady vision of what you want to achieve. Many business owners get frustrated with their employees. Sometimes, expecting too much is a burden.

Employees, independent contractors, or however they are called have their own limitations. Virtual assistants especially have their own reasons why they decided to work online. And, a majority of them seek independence and flexibility just like almost everyone else.

Having a bottleneck or a rockstar assistant, therefore, can also depend on how you treat them. What are your guidelines for running your business? When issues arise, what alternatives do you have in mind? Come up with the best possible work strategy that you can offer not just for yourself but also for your business.

A Word About Aspiring Virtual Assistants

As you already know, there are a lot of aspiring virtual assistants online. Most of them have college or vocational backgrounds. And, you will be fortunate enough to have someone able and willing to work for you.

Regardless of what industry your business is in, it’s the hiring process that could be difficult. How are you supposed to identify the right person for the job? You can have a lot of concerns regarding this matter. On another hand, aspiring VAs have their own concerns as well. Among which are:

1. Scam Recruiters

You’re not one of them, are you? There’s a lot of them on the internet. We hear stories about them on TV, newspapers, and other media outlets. For this reason, many applicants may prefer finding a job through reliable job sites like JobStreet, Upwork, and LinkedIn.

When there exists no vacancy for them, they can go on searching for reliable virtual assistant companies. They can also look for leads from friends and other credible acquaintances. Sometimes, however, they get stuck in a myriad of choices to the point that they get confused with what they really want to work on.

This gives you the opportunity to seize their attention when you find them capable of working for you. In the hiring process, get to know them better—who they are, what keeps them busy, and so on and so forth.

2. Unfixed Goals

Working online has become appealing to a lot of people locally and abroad. As mentioned, many applicants have good educational background. The fact that they’re looking for a job could mean they’re completely unemployed and have no stable income to supplement their immediate needs and desires.

Unemployment is not easy to deal with. Along with it may come a lot of other issues, such as lack of motivation and purpose. The applicant could be dealing with these already before you considered them for the position.

What’s great about this is you get to help them refocus their goals. They may have grown tired of hoping they’ll get a job. On your part, just stick to what you have in mind. Get to know them if they’re the perfect match.

Identifying Virtual Assistants General VA vs Specialized VAHiring the Right Virtual Assistant

Identifying Virtual Assistants General VA vs Specialized VAWhatever industry you’re in, keep up with the vision that you have for your business. Virtual assistants, like any great opportunity, will always be around the corner. Sometimes you just have to wait for the best one to come.

Nobody likes to get stuck in difficult situations, especially when running a business. Many can go wrong while waiting. But whatever the cause, in the end, you’ll be happy to have someone reliable and efficient enough to carry on your goals.

Always think of what you want to achieve, and strive to accomplish it in the best possible strategy.

Tell us what you think! Feel free to comment with any ideas or suggestions about Identifying Virtual Assistants: General VA vs Specialized VA. We love hearing from you!

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