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Jason Bradshaw: Making Customer and Employee Experience CEXY!

In 2020, COVID-19 changed the world in more ways than one. The global pandemic forced families to change lifestyles, businesses to struggle, and create a new norm for generations to come. Despite the implication of this pandemic, CEO’s and business owners find a way to make the customer and employee experience CEXY.

In this episode of Live with Bottleneck, host Jamie Jay together with Jason Bradshaw, Chief Customer & Marketing Officer, and a best-selling author, talks about improving customer and employee experience during the pandemic. 

Communication is Key

Covid-19 has impacted a lot of people. In crises like this, communication is key to building a relationship with customers. Some of the examples are, informing the customers of the business hours, how the operation will go during the lockdown, what are the steps the company is taking to bring service during the pandemic.

“When I say, ‘communicate,’ I don’t mean you have to have all the answers. I mean, you need to keep people involved with what you are doing.” – Jason Bradshaw

Customer and Employee Experience (CEX)

In a crisis, Bradshaw explains that two things need to be done. First, to continue the service that the company vows to provide the customers before the pandemic started. Second, communication and transparency to both customers and employees. 

“You need to continue to be true to your promise to your customers, in your employees. If you say you’re going to deliver the best of whatever, don’t use the crisis as an excuse to stop doing that. You need to continue to deliver on that act to the best of your ability. Be open and transparent when you can and why you can’t.”  – Jason Bradshaw

Communicating with employees allows them to discuss concerns and ask questions to protect the well-being of employees. 

“Certainty in an uncertain world means, you go ahead, you continue to do it. You’re transparent about you know, that there isn’t a lot more information to share right now.”  – Jason Bradshaw

The New Normal 

With the global pandemic and mandatory lockdown, businesses transitioned to remote working or work-from-home settings to ensure social distancing. This created a new norm and enabled people to be more social despite not interacting in person. The rise of technology gave people a chance to interact with co-workers, friends, and family through Zoom video calls and FaceTime.  

“I think working from home doesn’t negate or remove that ability to have a human connection. You just gotta be more conscious that, ‘oh hang on, I’ve spoken to no one today.’” – Jason Bradshaw

To learn more about Jason Bradshaw and making customer and employee experience CEXY, watch and listen to Live with Bottleneck. 

Guest Bio:

Jason Bradshaw created his first business at fourteen, selling telecommunications and computer equipment in the Australian regional city of Toowoomba. In the lead up to this, he was inspired by books like The Pursuit of Wow! by Tom Peters, which opened his eyes to the power of customer and employee experience.

Jason tested and implemented strategies for improving experience in a variety of sectors, including telecommunications, retail, media, finance, automotive, health, and not-for-profit. He worked with companies including Telstra, Target Australia, Fairfax Media, New South Wales Government, SingTel Optus, and Volkswagen Group Australia, and he sat on the boards of ACON Health Limited and Oz ShowBiz Cares / Equity Fights AIDS.

A cornerstone of Jason’s career has been an unwavering commitment to improving the lives of customers and employees. During his time in the telecommunications industry, he implemented ideas for improving customer experience in a number of verticals by over 100 percent. In retail and media, his initiatives to improve efficiencies by focusing on customer and employee experience saved tens of millions of dollars in a matter of months and improved employee retention by double digits year on year. Additionally, he has led transformational programs resulting in tens of millions in revenue improvement.


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