Mediocrity and How Rock Bottom Can Be the Catalyst for Real Transformation | Shari Lueck


Mediocrity and How Rock Bottom Can Be the Catalyst for Real Transformation | Shari Lueck

There’s always a hope even if you’re currently at the rock bottom of your life. For those who are struggling, Shari Lueck is here to help as she give tips to everyone on how to overcome challenges in life. She is the founder of Bridges2Bravery, and she coaches a lot of people. Also, her goal is to make people feel that they’re not alone while they’re fighting to live a good life.

Life By Design

Shari shares that she had been in abusive relationships in her past. Her kids, including her, experienced a mass shooting in which they survived but left a trauma to them. She says that the horrible events in her life led her to addiction but eventually, she got to clean herself by choosing the right decision.

“We all have choices that we get to make, and every choice leads to another one. But, we are not defined by the things that we’ve done, and we’re not defined by the things that have happened to us. And so, we don’t have to get drawn through the muck and the yuck that follows us along with our lives.” – Shari Lueck

The Cloak of Shame

Shari says that asking for help is not easy when we feel shame. To transform, she advises to cut off the threads of the cloak of shame and unravel it. She shares that when she did it, she knew that she would never be the same person again.

“Shame can only grow in the dark. It’s like mushrooms like a fungus, and when we recognize that our shame is nothing but our story of medicine like my story is my medicine, as I give it to you, we all heal.” – Shari Lueck

My Skeleton Has Names

Shari talks about her book called My Skeleton Has Names, where she gives tips and shares her stories of how she overcame struggles. She says that she doesn’t want people to read it and compare their problems to hers because everyone is different. Additionally, she says that she wrote the book to help as many people as she can.

“Your horrible is your horrible, and you get to have it. Not everything happens for a reason, and stop telling people it does. Not everything has a lesson. Sometimes, bad shitty things happen, and there’s no lesson. They’re just plain old suck.” – Shari Lueck

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Homeless twice before the age of 19, Shari lived a life filled with extraordinary events and unbelievable circumstances. After her first failed attempt at suicide when she was just 18 years old, she had a dream to help ordinary people that were suffering so that nobody had to be alone. Since then, Shari has coached hundreds of people and pre-pandemic 2020, Shari finally decided to hang up her hat as an executive in Corporate America and dedicated her life to fulfilling her dreams. She is the founder of Bridges2Bravery and is committed to helping women and men reignite their creative spark so they can turn their unmet and dormant dreams into real life. Shari has 5 grown children, a playful Australian shepherd, and lives a life beyond her wildest dreams with her beloved husband.

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