5 Online Tools to Streamline Your Business

5 Online Tools to Streamline Your Business

As your business grows, the number of tasks increase as well. Managing them, however, can turn out more challenging than you expected. Good news is there are online tools available to help make things easier. Here’s a list of the 5 online tools to streamline your business. Take some time to consider them before diving into everyday tasks.

1. Hootsuite

PRESENCE. When marketing your business online, you want your presence to be visible to your target market. This is why social identity is something worth investing. You can use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media to reach more people.


Managing these accounts can be time consuming, especially when you have to log into each account to post an update or to engage with your followers. You can set aside some time to do them, but not dedicate most of your hours in posting, sharing, liking, commenting, and doing other social tasks. There are more important functions in your business that require your attention.

“As we launched our social media program, we knew we needed a platform that would be able to handle and scale with our increasingly complex needs. Hootsuite absolutely accomplished this for us.” -Tim Kelsey

This is why you’ll love Hootsuite. It’s an online app that allows you to market your brand and manage your social accounts all in one place.

From there, you can:

  • Manage accounts from more than 35 social networks
  • Analyze your social growth and engagement
  • Schedule your content
  • Automatically share content from other sources
  • Integrate 150+ apps
  • Generate leads
  • Study courses on social media for free
  • Find help from Hootsuite’s online support

There are various pricing plans that you can avail. And, you can even start with a free account if you only have three social accounts to handle.

5 Online Tools to Streamline Your Business

With Hootsuite, you don’t have to login to your social accounts individually. You only need to login to your Hootsuite account, and do all the tasks there. The interface is so easy to understand and use.

You can also create a team to work alongside you in managing your accounts. This comes with an option for you to decide how much each team member controls.

2. Redbooth

COLLABORATION. Efficiency is the name of the game, especially when you are working with a team. You need an efficient tool that will enable you to organize tasks, communicate well with teammates, and carry out goals.

“It’s sooo nice having a place where we can all collaborate and keep up with things in real time and keep track of our conversations and progress.” -Carol Becerra on Redbooth

Redbooth is great for super active teams. You can upload files, tag teammates for updates, and organize tasks in a dashboard. Other features include:

  • Integrate with Dropbox, Gmail, Slack, and other apps
  • Schedule and delegate tasks to teammates
  • See progress of tasks via timeline
  • Host video conferences
  • Send direct messages via chat box

It even comes with a mobile app so that you can stay updated with your tasks anywhere you go.

It may be difficult to understand the interface at first, but as you go along you’ll find things easier. What’s important is you learn to organize your tasks in a way that’s convenient for you.

5 Online Tools to Streamline Your Business

This also comes in handy even if you are alone in running your business. You can list down tasks to help remind yourself of your daily responsibilities. Redbooth will notify you when a task is soon due.

You can also invite your clients to your Redbooth workspace to keep both parties updated.

It’s like having your own office online. Thousands of companies are enjoying the efficiency it provides. Think of collaboration? Redbooth is the tool.

3. Xero

ACCOUNTING. Managing your finances and cashflow can be time consuming but important. You need to stay updated on what comes in and out of your business.


With Xero, you can do essential tasks in one place. It’s an affordable and powerful accounting tool that is particularly great for small businesses. With it, you can keep track of your finances smoothly.

“Xero is often a source of inspiration—it simplifies our finances and makes a usually complicated process easy.” -Nathan Heleine

You can be a local bookstore owner, who extends his products to people from other places. What you just need to do is link your bank or PayPal account for transactions to show up in Xero. This way, you can receive or make payments in one place.

5 Online Tools to Streamline Your Business

Wherever you are and whatever industry you’re in, you can manage your finances conveniently with this online tool.

Among the perks you’ll love with Xero are:

  • Create professional invoices
  • Get paid by clients anywhere
  • Schedule purchases or payments
  • Attach data sources where necessary
  • Reconcile with your bank
  • Integrate third-party applications
  • Convert multiple currencies

There’s more you can do with Xero, and do all those with just a click of a button. This way, you get to focus on other tasks and just refer to the app from time to time.

Click here to check out their videos and know more.

4. Sortly

INVENTORY. Whether you are running an online store or just keeping things at work, you can use an online software to help you out. Among the most loved ones (if not the best) is Sortly. Sortly makes things easy for you to organize and find your items.

“This app has made keeping track of all of my products, SUPER EASY! It even let’s me mark products that I loan out and reminds me when I should expect them back!!” -App Store Review on Sortly

Items are arranged and stored inside various locations in Sortly. Every time you add an item to that specific location, you have the options to add an image where that item is physically located as well as type in how many are available and how much they cost. It even allows you to scan barcodes.

Some other features are:

  • Create and export PDF files
  • Autosave items to Evernote
  • Create visual hierarchies
  • Backup your files

The only downside is…

This incredible tool is available only for use in iOS and the Web. The company is still working on an application for android devices. Nonetheless, it makes inventory way much better.

5. CamCard

EXCHANGE. Being a business owner gives you a lot of opportunities to meet new clients and partners. And in many cases, this means lots of new business cards.

Exchanging and keeping contact information are valuable when marketing your business. You’ll never know who you can approach to when you need help. Better yet, business cards open you to new opportunities to extend to a wider audience.

This is why you’ll love CamCard. It enables you to scan and save cards via smartphone. Other alternatives exist. But, CamCard still stands out as the most popular tool in the market.

5 Online Tools to Streamline Your Business

It scans each card and takes in the information accurately. What’s great is you can link your CamCard account to your email, so that you can conveniently send a message to any new contacts.

Pricing starts at $5 per user every month. Some other features include:

  • Managing the account with a team
  • Import and export contacts to Google, Outlook, or Excel
  • Share cards to colleagues and others
  • Store and read as many cards as you can

It can also improve the quality of the card photo. Thousands across the globe are using it. It can do wonders for your business, too.

These online tools to streamline your business have been proven by business from various industries. There’s no wonder why many still adhere to them today. But no matter how convenient they are, business owners still have the responsibility to keep things in check.

Know what you want to achieve in your business, and see how these tools can help you out. Consider them wisely, and succeed.

**Photo credits: Hootsuite, Redbooth, Xero, CamCard

Do you know other choices aside from the 5 Online Tools to Streamline Your Business? Feel free to add comments and suggestions. We would love to hear from you!

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