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On today’s Live with Bottleneck, our guest David Crysler shares how you can reclaim your life and grow your business. A sentiment that we at Bottleneck Distant Assistants fully support all the way.

David Crysler is the principal Operations Consultant at the Crysler Club and host of the Everyday Business Problems Podcast.

So if you want to learn how to reclaim your life today, stay tuned to this episode.

Who is David Crysler?

Throughout his childhood, Dave grew up in a entrepreneurial family, where his parents own multiple businesses. So to him it was not only natural to aspire for something unique, or do things differently.

He saw first-hand how his parents put in the work for every business they decided to pursue. They reaped the benefits of those businesses not out of luck, but through their effort and dedication. Dave shares that he had modeled his work ethic around this train of thought.

Reaching a Plateau and Overcoming It

Being in this unique opportunity to observe his parents and eventually work for them, Dave has observed a few things about how to create and maintain a good company. He has also worked for a publicly-traded company that grew through acquisition, which only further confirmed his observations and ideas.

“Basically, you have a business and a thing that you’re really great at doing, as well as a remarkable team around you. But inevitably, you hit these plateaus throughout your growth of that particular business. You could see a lot of similarities on how they would operate and most of them would hit these different types of plateaus. And the systems and processes that got them through a previous plateau was not necessarily the same as the one that got them through the next place they were trying to go.” – David Crysler

Sensing these patterns and the need in the market for tools and support pertaining to these business practices, Dave set out to create a support center for business owners and leadership teams that are pushing to grow their companies to the next level.

Pushing to the Next Level

So what does it take to push it to the next level? Simply put, you have to look into 4 major things: Planning, People, Process, and Technology.

As mentioned before, sometimes what you have working for a prior situation or setup may not particularly work for your current issues or new plans. As such, as you plan for the future, you should always look back to your current systems and processes. Not only to find which ones will be affected, but also which ones will need to be updated or revamped.

To hear more from David Crysler and how to reclaim your life and get past that plateau you’re stuck in, continue listening to this episode.


David Crysler is the principal Operations Consultant at the Crysler Club and host of the Everyday Business Problems Podcast.

Having spent nearly 20 years working for a publicly traded corporation that grew through acquisition provided Dave with the opportunity to grow several different businesses during his career. Entering entrepreneurship, Dave quickly realized there was a tremendous need within small businesses to have access to the tools and support that were commonplace in a large corporation.

It was during this time Dave developed his operations framework that he uses to solve everyday problems and free business owners from working in their business so it can grow.

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