Recurring Revenue with Greg Russell | Live with Bottleneck

Recurring Revenue with Greg Russell | Live with Bottleneck

On this special episode of Live With Bottleneck, our guest Greg Russell has a conversation with Gordon McDougall about recurring revenue.

Greg Russell is an entrepreneur. He is the CEO/Founder of, a company that specializes in internet marketing solutions for small businesses.

Stay tuned to this episode to know more about recurring revenue.

Who is Greg Russell?

Greg became an entrepreneur at twelve. He originally wanted to become a football player, but when that didn’t work out, he became a businessman instead. He went through a lot of failures trying to establish his dream business. 

Greg had MAXIMO and ran that for two weeks but it did not generate sales. He then recognized how revolutionary, cost-effective, and efficient Internet marketing can be for a small business owner. 

After studying lots of information about the Internet, Greg moved the business to cyberspace in 1996 and quickly became an expert in online marketing and web design. During this time he also developed mentor/mentee relationships with several of the world’s top Internet marketing experts .

How Recurring Revenue can help your Business

Over 20 years of making business, Greg learned a lot about how to get into the heart of it to keep it going. He helped people find the right market and the right paragraph. He encourages business owners to explore and research, find out what works, and pull a direct marketing strategy. 

Greg says that you must understand the marketing figure that you’re going into. He also says to hang out with successful business people. Subscribing to an advertisement organization is not the answer for your business all the time. If you do not have the right product that people are searching for, your business won’t succeed anyway.

Improving your website to increase its visibility leads people who are searching for your particular product or business to your website. The more visibility a website has on search engines, the more likely it is that brand captures business.

With a recurring business model you will be able to predict your sales and profits. As a business owner, you can make this service even better to boost customer acquisition.

How an Entrepreneur can cope up with the Recession

Greg explained, “An entrepreneur should think of a self sustaining business, something that you have to pay for every single month like electricity and water supply that doesn’t need a lifetime advertisement as long as you have a website.”

You don’t have to do much to be able to maintain your business. Having order in everything you do is the secret ingredient. Be the right coach for your client on how to market to the internet. Offer affordable consultation for your clients and give discounts.

Continue listening to this episode to know more about how marketing strategy to create consistent lead flow and sales for new and experienced coaches.


Greg Russell’s mission is to assist and scale business coaches to their highest level. But as his own business grew, he realized… Many of his clients couldn’t scale their coaching business without the proper tech tools and strategy, and for most of them the technology was holding them back.

Greg has always been passionate about helping others succeed through digital marketing but after growing his own company it became clear: there just isn’t enough hours in one day! With marketing automation solution Greg was able consistently get new interested leads and sales which helped him focus more energy into creating the same automation system for his coaching clients.

Building on the success of his digital marketing agency SuccessTeam Marketing Group, Greg reorganized and created the solution he was looking for – The Coach Marketing Engine which combines the marketing tech with the marketing strategy to create consistent lead flow and sales for new and experienced coaches.

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