Repurposing Podcasts, Live Streams, and Videos To Maximize Exposure| Hani Mourra

Repurposing Podcasts, Live Streams, and Videos To Maximize Exposure| Hani Mourra

On this day’s episode of Live With Bottleneck, we have today Hani Mourra, a softwarepreneur and the creator of He shares his insights and gives an overview of how content creators can maximize the potential of digital contents. 

We discuss how to maximize the exposure of video and audio content in various digital platforms through an automated upload. Moreover, we discuss how you can do this while maintaining a space for organic interaction. 

Keeping Up With The Trend

For seven years now, Hani Mourra developed various softwares intended for online content creators. He created to help out users post their content across different platforms. allows digital creators to place their video and audio contents into various platforms, automatically.  Creators can resize videos for different platforms, transform content per medium and slice videos into snippets and schedule uploads. 

“The whole goal is to take your content and distribute it to different platforms with the whole intention of getting the most exposure and doing [it in] an automated way. Content creation is already time-consuming as itself. It helps if you have tools to help automate sending it out, syndicating it out to multiple platforms.” – Hani Mourra

Optimizing Bandwidth 

Hani shares that creating gave him the best of both worlds because he loves content and automation. However, he addressed people’s perception of automation as “not human and personal.” His software allows the creators to engage with their audience for human interaction. 

“I would love to touch base with more people if I could. But there’s only a certain amount of bandwidth that each of us as human beings have. So how do we optimize that bandwidth? How do we get there without feeling like…it’s not impersonal…I would still want to have that personal touch.” – Hani Mourra

Success and Limits 

One of the factors that contributed to the success of, is its great and responsive customer service. When asked though whether it is a potential replacement for HootSuite, Hani says that focuses more on the “heavy” contents which are videos and audios.

As of the moment, the software does not have many features for texts and graphics as much as HootSuite. He foresees though that in the future, may be linked with HootSuite. Hani also discussed the pricing in this episode.

To know more about repurposing podcasts, live streams and videos to maximize exposure, and for more information about Hani Mourra, the creator of, watch this episode.


Hani Mourra is a Dad, Softwareprenuer, and the creator of, an easy-to-use automation tool that helps entrepreneurs, coaches, and content creators maximize their exposure without spending hours publishing to multiple platforms.

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