Science or My Gut? Data-Driven Talent Decisions (Part 2) | Dr. Zachery Schaefer


Dr. Zachery Schaefer: Science or My Gut? Data Driven Talent Decisions

In this episode of Live with Bottleneck, we have Dr. Zachery Schaefer, an award-winning consultant, and professional speaker. He is also the founder and CEO of Spark The Discussion, a team that solves talent and management challenges. Today, we talk about the use and impact of behavioral assessment on you and your business.

Behavioral Assessment Tool

Dr. Zachery shows and explains to Jamie, Sara, and Reina’s behavioral assessment results. It is an excellent tool that reads a person’s personality by answering a 10-minute questionnaire. Moreover, he says that this behavioral assessment is helpful when you’re hiring because it allows you to have a vision of a person’s behavior.

“What this data gives you beyond just hiring are two things. It gives a person self-understanding, and the more important part which is action-oriented is hopefully self-awareness.” – Dr. Zachery Schaefer

Understanding The Opposite

One of the audience asks Dr. Zachery if there is a matrix or a guide that shows which profiles work well with others. He says that they have all kinds of data on it. Further, he states that we tend to have friction upfront when we are hardwired with the exact opposite because they are motivated with different things than you are.

“It might so process down a little but, when you know they’re doing this because that’s how they’re wired, and that’s a competitive advantage for our team. You’ll think, ‘they’re not doing it to piss me off’ and that leads to superpowers for teams.” – Dr. Zachery Schaefer

Getting More Information

Dr. Zachery recommends using behavioral or cognitive data to gather a lot of information that you can’t get from a resume. He says that when you partner with them, you get to use an unlimited bundle of assessment by an annual subscription model. He also says that if you don’t have enough budget for a subscription, there are a lot of free data tools that you can use online.

“You can get really specific with the type of profiles you’re looking for, and even if you don’t find the perfect one, then you know how to coach that person and how to lead to their needs.” – Dr. Zachery Schaefer

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Dr. Zach Schaefer is a highly touted management consultant, talent optimization expert, and award-winning professional speaker who advises companies on strategy execution. Dr. Z’s mission is to help companies execute with excellence through clear communication.

His award-winning consulting firm, Spark The Discussion, is St. Louis, MO’s Certified Partner of the Predictive Index®, where the Spark Team provides talent optimization solutions that drive results in the following areas:

  • Executive Conflict Facilitation
  • Selection Optimization
  • Team Development and Fit
  • Team Alignment and Calibration
  • Leadership Succession Planning

Spark’s hand-selected team members are expert coaches, consultants, and process experts who have provided solutions to hundreds of companies. By building on the best practices of businesses in multiple industries, Spark drives additional value for its clients.

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If you want to see the part 1 livestream with Dr. Z, you can click on this link.

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