Bottleneck Online Security Services

Worried About Cyber Security?


Bottleneck Online Security Services (B.O.S.S.) aims to prevent
cybercrime-related incidents that can harm your company’s digital
assets. The ultimate goal is to protect our clients' users, the
company’s digital assets, and personnel.

How does it work?

Our Security Administrator monitors the program on a daily basis, and will
also assist your Dedicated Distant Assistants with any computer and security
issues they may encounter. For any threats or security issues detected,
Bottleneck’s Security Administrator is alerted and specific security measures
are executed to ensure that your DDAs devices and connections are fully
protected against malware, threats, and attacks that can steal your data and

Bottleneck Online Security Services or BOSS is partnered with the top security
providers and developers that do more than just detect and remove antivirus
but aim to prevent any cybercrime-related incidents.


Here are some of the things you will get with the B.O.S.S. Program that will help ease
your worries, so you can focus on the more important aspects of your business.

ico--proactive security

Proactive Security Solutions

The security service will monitor and predict
suspicious actions or threats and immediately
take necessary actions.


Automated Protection

Once installed, it will act on its own to protect the user’s computer

ico--Detection and Response

Active Endpoint Detection and Response

The security tracks everything and identifies any threats in real-time.

ico--offline protection

Offline Protection

Does not rely on an internet connection; protects your computer in real-time, offline.

anti virus

AntiVirus Capabilities

Works like an antivirus (but better), and can still run even if there are other security applications installed on your computer.

ico--Updated and Responsive

Updated and Responsive

It will update itself or coordinate with the user at their convenient time to update the software.

ico--Monthly Updates

Monthly Updates

The Security Administrator will send monthly reports from us on what actions our B.O.S.S. Program has taken for the previous month

The package will also include a secure PC setup that will be tested, prepared, and monitored by our Security Administrator before your Dedicated Distant Assistant can use it. This is to make sure that they will have a smooth work process, a safe computer to use, and can cope with the workload
of your DDAs.

Protect your business and your clients
like a BOSS with Bottleneck Online Security Services!

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