Simple Business Hacks for Being a Healthier, Happier Entrepreneur


Simple Business Hacks for Being a Healthier, Happier Entrepreneur

Simple Business Hacks for Being a Healthier, Happier Entrepreneur

This article is a guest blog written by Naomi Johnson from Life-Based Business. She aims to share both practical advice and inspiration to help entrepreneurs adopt the life-based business mentality and change your life. 

Being your own boss comes with significant benefits — freedom, flexibility, and calling the shots being chief among them. But there’s a catch. If you’re like so many other business owners and entrepreneurs, you’re working way more than you would like to. Your work-life balance is not what you dreamed it would be when you started your company. Also, you’re missing out on moments with family and friends, not to mention living in a constant state of stress.

There are practical solutions to this problem, from improving your living environment to hiring a Bottleneck Distant Assistant. Here are some tips for living a better life as an entrepreneur.


Make your home healthier.

Your home should be a sanctuary — not somewhere that adds stress to your life. Since clutter is known to increase stress, decluttering is a great first step in making your home healthier. This is especially important if you work from home. You might be surprised by how much doing some decluttering and deep cleaning can enhance your quality of life.

healthy and happy entrepreneur

Exposure to nature can also do wonders for your health and well-being. Consider adding houseplants to your home. Not only can this add appeal to a room, but it can also detoxify the air, help regulate humidity, and make it look livelier. Displaying paintings and photographs of nature can also benefit your living environment.


Prioritize your personal life.

You’re an entrepreneur, so you know how to schedule things. This means that you can schedule personal time, which is essential if you want to avoid burnout and lead a high quality of life! Remember that life is more than work. If you let work control your life, then you’ll be missing out on a lot of relationships, activities, and events.

Determine what your life priorities (unrelated to work) are. Do you want more time to spend with loved ones or friends? Plan weekend getaways and extended vacations that will enable you to step away from your daily obligations and foster your most important relationships. Maybe pick up a hobby that helps you unwind and relax.

Furthermore, develop routines that benefit your health and well-being, such as eating well, exercising, and getting sleep. The happier and healthier you feel, the more productive you will be, and the better you’ll be able to lead your company.


Outsource tasks and projects.

Many entrepreneurs and business owners try to do too much. While having control of your company is a great perk, it can quickly lead to burnout, decreased productivity, and stress. If you think you are handling too many tasks by yourself, it’s probably time to outsource in certain areas.


healthy and happy entrepreneur


Figure out what tasks and projects you need assistance with, and then you’ll be able to determine if you need full-time employees, independent contractors, and so on. For example, hiring a Dedicated Distant Assistant (DDA) from Bottleneck can relieve stress and provide you with top-notch services in many different areas—from project management to customer service, from CRM support to basic accounting. Moreover, if you have enough people but you are still overwhelmed, start thinking how you can delegate tasks more efficiently.


Embrace remote work.

Finally, if you’ve yet to implement remote work in your operations, consider how you can do so now. Remote work is, in many ways, the future of business. It can save employers money and time, and employees enjoy the flexibility and freedom that come with working remotely. As long as you use the right tools and figure out how to do it appropriately, it can help take your business to the next level.

To summarize, don’t let the fulfillment of being a business owner be overshadowed by stress and low quality of life. Focus on making your home a healthier place to live (and work), and keep your personal life a priority. Learn to outsource and delegate, and determine how you can implement more remote work more in your operations. Taking steps like these can make a world of difference in helping you get the most out of your work and life.


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