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In today’s episode of Live with Bottleneck, Steve Feld shares some simple strategies that can grow your business in the current market. These ideas are actually in his upcoming 5th book, but he’s here to give you a sneak peek.

Steve Feld is a Biz Coach, Author, Professional Speaker, and an award-winning Business Management Executive. He is an expert in multiple aspects of business, and he is passionate for everything business. Which is why when he teaches you tips and tricks on how to do business, you should take it to heart.

Helping Business Owners Through Experience

When talking about his books, Steve mentions that most of his work come from fellow business owners and their experiences. He uses past issues and solutions that colleagues and clients have encountered over the years.

This is why he finds that they are very effective. It’s because they are based on actual situations that a business owner might encounter while growing their business.

“These books are actually generated from my conversations with business owners, hearing their needs and wants that they don’t have the knowledge or expertise (for). That is what’s prompting those books, to help them grow their business. “ – Steve Feld

Steve Feld’s Process

Steve breaks down how he can help a client and his business in a 45-minute conference call. He starts off by asking related questions and gathering data real-time. He then shows the client an overview of his current situation on a macro level, and advises them on what they could do to grow their business.

He emphasizes the need to gather data beforehand, so he can give the best solution for their situation. He understands that what might work for one business doesn’t necessarily work for another.

“I’m very passionate about seeing business owners survive and thrive. One of the ways we do it is we can find a business owner anywhere from fifty to over a hundred thousand dollars of hidden annualized revenue just sitting in their business right now.” – Steve Feld

The Most Common Issues

When asked about the things he usually encounters in his client talks, Steve shares the three most common situations he has encountered:

  1. My situation is unique. This is probably only happening to me and my business.
  2. No one can understand me or what I’m going through.
  3. There is no one who can help me.

Steve tries to head off this mindset from his clients. For him, it’s important for business owners to know that there are others who have the same issues as them.

Another major issue is that business owners tend to do everything themselves. Steve says that they should take stock of what they are good at, and delegate the rest.

“Getting the assistance you need, bringing on the right people is going to help you move your business forward. Because you only know what you know. If you don’t like doing accounting, then why are you struggling and trying to do accounting yourself and wasting all this time and gaining this knowledge that you’re just frustrated about? Let someone who loves accounting and can do it at an eighth of the time do it for you.” – Steve Feld

To learn more about Steve Feld and how you can grow your business right now with simple strategies, watch this episode.


Biz Coach Steve Feld, Coach, Author, Professional Speaker, and award-winning Business Management Executive. Over 30 years of extensive senior-level experience in highly competitive industries. An expert in all aspects of a business. Steve has a large passion for everything business.

Created and owned six high 6 figure businesses, operated 3 other businesses. Operated divisions for 3 brand-name Fortune 500 companies. Has written 4 books about business. Co-owns a publishing company geared to coaches, consultants, and experts. Steve also conducts workshops and training on a variety of subjects for business owners.

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