Social Media Management: How Important Are Social Media Distant Assistants?


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What Do Social Media Distant Assistants Do?

Social media is just one of the aspects a Distant Assistant can do. That includes content, image curation, and social media content management. Additionally, interacting with followers and management of social media campaigns are part of the job description.

Distant Assistants handle all these remotely, allowing their clients more time for other business-building tasks. A businessperson may ask themselves why they should hire a Distant Assistant, much so one that handles social media. 

The answer is this: Think of the Distant Assistant as the heavy lifter, allowing the client to breeze through other tasks easily.

But, there’s a disclaimer. Mundane does not necessarily mean unimportant. Maintaining social media accounts is essential to a business, especially the start-up ones.

The Importance of Hiring Social Media Distant Assistants

Specialized Work Focus

social media distant assistant
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Social Media DAs are hired to handle all social media aspects of the business. That includes replying to comments on Facebook or Instagram, managing content, and sending correspondences for collaborations.

Though that’s not where it ends. While Social Media DAs are primed to spend all business hours on social media, you can also assign other administrative tasks to them. This allows the client to focus on core activities for business growth.

Less Training Costs

Here’s a comparison:

Hiring someone and training them for a couple of weeks is much less cost-effective than hiring a Social Media Distant Assistant already primed for the job.

The time and effort spent on screening, recruiting, and interviewing are less cost-effective. A Distant Assistant could be well on the way to establishing customer connections during this time.

More Free Time for the Client

social media distant assistant
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As mentioned before, the client would have more time for other business-building tasks. A Distant Assistant gives the client liberty to work towards business growth. 

Admittedly, dealing with social media-related tasks for an entire workday can be repetitive. A Social Media DA is trained to handle these types of workload for you.

They would also be much quicker at it, and can even assist with business-building tasks.

An In-Depth Guide to Hiring the Right Social Media Distant Assistant

There are two things a client would need to do to find the right Distant Assistant.

First, they would need to find the perfect fit on freelancer websites such as UpWork and Fiverr. Better yet, schedule a free consultation with us today so we can help you find the right Distant Assistant.

Second, a client must specify the tasks they need done, which would help them distinguish if a DA is specifically trained for social media tasks.


A Social Media Distant Assistant may be one of the many types of assistants out there, but they stand out. Not a lot of assistants can focus solely on social media since it can be quite repetitive. 

Bottleneck Distant Assistants is here to help you if you’re looking for a Social Media DA. Check out our Services page for more information and we will guide you in your search for the perfect Distant Assistant.

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