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Today on Live with Bottleneck, we talk all about storytelling with our very special guest, Jennifer B. Gardner. Jennifer is the founder of Roam Howl Creative. She is a trial lawyer and an entrepreneur who has owned her own law firm in Los Angeles for 25 years. Today, she shows us how you can use stories in certain mediums to increase your business visibility.

Unleash Your Creativity

Jennifer quickly shares her personal and professional story. She answers a few questions about how she has landed on Roam Howl Creative and how this separates her from going after her professional target. Jennifer reminds that everyone is creative, and through this creativity, you can tap into internal and strategic content that can help build your brand and promote your business.

“Tune in and listen to yourself. You will see that everything that is in your life right now is there because you created it. Because you believed it was possible.These circumstances don’t happen to us by accident. We’re all creative. I really do believe that we can create whatever we want. ” – Jennifer Gardner

Know The Client’s Story

On this topic, Jennifer advises that in order to easily generate topics and types of content for the client, you must first know their story. She proceeds to share that once you have understood this, you will then have the confidence that comes from the clarity of knowing and be able to develop content that will deeply connect with your audience.

“At first it’s hard. It’s challenging. But once you understand… and have like frameworks and strategies for coming up with what to share. it becomes a heck of a lot easier.” – Jennifer Gardner

Brain – Dump

Jaime and Jennifer discuss how they surpass a creative block. Jennifer encourages you to set aside 10 – 15 minutes to stream your consciousness, without edit or censorship, and just keep writing what comes to mind. She even lets you in on more tricks you can do and even one that she has learned from Thomas Edison.

“If you have a problem and you just can’t get your head around it… When you go to sleep at night, write down what the problem is and your subconscious will solve it for you. And when you wake up in the morning, go back to where you left off and I bet you the solution will start flowing.” – Jennifer Gardner

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Jennifer Gardner is a trial lawyer and entrepreneur who has owned her own law firm for 25 years in Los Angeles.

After growing weary of hiring marketing agencies who overpromise and underdeliver “results,” she studied directly with 7-figure online marketers to learn their secrets to success.

She applied what she learned and exploded her business using one “lead magnet,” an automated email sequence and three iphone videos.

She now teaches professionals what to say to get clients using social media, email and videos, and builds them lead generation systems that grow their businesses on autopilot so that they don’t blow their kid’s college fund on questionable marketing strategies and they never have to attend another rubber-chicken networking event again.

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Instagram: @iamjenniferbgardner

FB: @roamhowlcreative

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