Suck it up Buttercup! Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Badass Leader? with Michelle Reines | Live with Bottleneck

On this episode of Live with Bottleneck, our Michelle Reines talks about being a badass, and the leadership lessons she has learned from experience.

Michelle Reines has a new book out called “From Bad to Badass Leader”, an unconventional leadership book, an autobiography of lessons learned. What this book is not, it is not a leadership academic resource, filled with principles, methodologies, laws, or processes – it’s a conversation.

So if you’d like to become a badass like Michelle, stay tuned to this episode.

Who is Michelle Reines?

Michelle is the CEO of Badass Leader which is a leadership development company that she launched in 2012, after 34 years in corporate career building and launching startups with large and high-performance teams.

“I decided it was the time for me to pursue my dream of focusing on helping leaders discover their “inner badass”, and more importantly, being able to create high performance teams.”   – Michelle Reines

Taking the Reins

When asked about the motorcycle vibes that she has in her background, Michelle explains that she does in fact ride motorbikes. Though up until her ex-husband lost his battle with cancer, Michelle took more of a passenger role. But now, she has taken a more active role and go for rides every once in a while.

Michelle then explains that what she loves about riding and the rider community is that she can feel empowered and in control, but at the same time be part of a welcoming community.

Michelle also shares that there are passages that talk about her riding experiences, and how it can relate to leadership and the things that “everyday leaders” could relate to.

From Bad to Badass Leader

Michelle shares that there have been people who have messaged her, saying that they relate to what she has experienced and written in her book. Some has even said that it would’ve helped when they were still starting out and experiencing it themselves.

For Michelle, the latter half would be her ideal readers: those who might be up for a leadership role soon, and do not know what to do about it yet.

“I feel that the audience who I wrote this book for are really the people who maybe has their eye on a leadership promotion, or has been recently promoted and has received feedback or those toe-stubbing moments. Those who have interacted with their teams and thought, “wow, this leadership thing is harder than I thought.” – Michelle Reines

If her book could help those people focus and find out how they can inspire and build trust with their team and management, then it has done its job well.

To hear more from Michelle Reines and how to be a Badass Leader, continue listening to this episode.


From Bad to Badass Leader is an autobiography of leadership lessons learned.

What this book is not, it is not a leadership academic resource, filled with principles, methodologies, laws, or processes – it’s a conversation. It’s like we sat down and shared stories over an ice-cold beer or chilled tequila on a hot sunny day.

It is an unconventional leadership book, an autobiography of lessons learned. By reading this book, you’ll be taken on a ride with me through my personal leadership story, which I️ call my journey or ride. While you’re reading the tales of my woes and cat-howl moments, I️ encourage you to think about your own ride, your stories, and how my experiences might offer you some insight into what’s happening on your journey.

Our specific trades or crafts might be different, don’t be too quick to skip over the details of the ride. The lessons are in the stories. Stories make lessons stickier, like a lock-tight to a nut & bolt. Challenge yourself to find the similarities that might be happening in your life. Fix what’s not working or no longer fits and cat-howl, growl, and pound your chest for the stuff you’ve got dialed-in! Then get out there and pay it forward. Help develop other badass leaders by sharing your lessons learned. Yes, the good, bad and ugly!

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