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Why you dont have an energized team

Does your team seem distracted during meetings? Do you have too many tabs opened in your browser right now? Are you using too many tools just to communicate with your team? Chances are, your team is losing focus, and their attention is all over the place. According to MindEQuity, what you need is a fully energized team.

In August of 2021, Bottleneck Distant Assistants partnered up with MindEQuity to find out what it takes to become an energized team. In this blog series, we want to share our results with you, so it may serve as an example for other business leaders and entrepreneurs.

What Kind of a Team are You?

In any industry, there are bound to be three general types of teams. Here are some of the attributes of each type of team.


A newbie team are usually those that are just starting out and developing their team skills. They are still exploring their particular specialty, and members handle multiple tasks. While multitasking or having multiple hats in the team might seem practical and advantageous, it limits the growth of the team in the long run.

It is likely that such teams get stuck, the team’s progress plateaus, or they end up sacrificing their well-being to work extra house just to keep up with the growth.

While it is often observed in new startups or teams, there are some that never get out of this category.


These teams are super-efficient. They always give 120% to their work, and it shows in their high performance in the company reports. But if you look close enough, these teams don’t usually have the same members for a long time.

This is because maintaining that high performance by sacrificing the member’s well-being comes at a cost, and that is burnout. But these types of teams circumvent them by just replacing those who are not performing to their “standards”, or those who quitted due to said burnout. It can be a very exciting and challenging place to work, but it does come at a price.

High Energy Teams

High Energy Teams, or Energized Teams are like the Goldilocks zone of teams. A high energy team is one that can strike a balance between competitiveness and team satisfaction. It is a team that can sustain market advantage without sacrificing its member’s well-being. They experience vitality in their industry because they are aligned on purpose and are involved in high-value activities.

Being an Energized Team

Why is having an energized team this important? For starters, an energized team can stay focused on their tasks at hand, which helps with productivity. Also, an energized team will always have high morale and will value their work more, as they feel like they are really part of a greater whole.

Having an energized team right from the get-go can also help keep things running smoothly as the company grows and the teams get bigger.

You might be thinking, that sounds great! But won’t it take long to implement such things for already established teams? Not necessarily.

People think it takes years to develop a highly energized, innovative team that has the ability to sustain long term value without sacrificing employee wellbeing. They think it is about long hours and a thing to aim in the future. Nothing could be further from the truth.

According to MindEQuity, with the right work design, a team can become an Energized Team much faster than people would think. Which is why we have partnered with them, so they can assess our team’s current status, and guide us to becoming a full-fledged Energized Team.

The Characteristics of an Energized Team

In order to quantitatively measure your team’s current strength, MindEQuity has determined 5 key elements that indicate your team’s capability to be an Energized Team. The 5 elements you need to look out for is as follows:

Energized Teams Characteristics by MindEQuity


This pertains to the level of attention your team exerts in accomplishing their tasks or goals.


Having beliefs and certain mindsets that influence how people interact, or strive towards a common goal.


Having the right Balance between team intelligence & wisdom, attention & distraction, presence in the physical & digital world, as well as human & machine interaction.


Digital resources, apps, and platforms that the team uses to make value creation easier.


The quality of physical and virtual space where your team works.

These 5 elements are measured by MindEQuity with the help of their Attention Audit, where they ask questions that rate the team’s proficiency in these elements. They then disclose the results via a Discovery Call with the team, so they know how they fare and how to improve on the parts that they seem to be found lacking.

We at Bottleneck Distant Assistants have taken the challenge to see how our team fares in being an Energized Team. In the upcoming blogs, we will reveal our results for each element, discuss how it came to be, and how to improve or maintain it.

Are you interested in taking the Attention Audit for your team as well? You can check out MindEQuity today and see if you are up to the challenge!

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