The Emotional Side of Divorce with Lorie Wood

Lorie Wood

In today’s episode of Live with Bottleneck, Lorie Wood talks about how to deal with the emotional side of divorce.

Lorie Wood has been in the family law field for almost 30 years, assisting people with navigating divorces as a Certified Mediator and LDA. She also coaches individuals on how to cope with the emotional aspects of divorce, and how to plan their lives post-divorce.

COVID and the Effect on Relationships

Lorie shares that the last year has been a hard time for couples and their relationship. Being stuck together for an extended period of time has let everyone spend a little more time with each other than usual. For some, it was a blessing and deepened their bonds. For others, not so much.

While COVID and isolation weren’t the direct factor in this case, it served to accelerate certain situations that would’ve been swept under the rug before.  With nothing to serve as a distraction or a way to get away to cool down, couples were sort of forced to deal with the issues as they come, rather than brushing it off to the side.

Lorie Wood as a Divorce Coach Specialist

When asked on what she does to help her clients, Lorie explains that she does more than the filing and processing of the divorce. As a Divorce Coach Specialist, she helps divorcees deal with the emotions they experience during the divorce. Sometimes, she also has to mediate and help them find a way to communicate with their ex-partner post-divorce.

“One of the things I do as a mediator is I help people who want to go through an uncontested divorce go through the process and paperwork. But there’s no real place for them to go deal with the emotions and how to communicate with their spouse moving forward, or how to get unstuck: get past the anger, the depression, and the anxiety they’re feeling.

People come in and they’re at their most vulnerable, and they just need somebody in their corner. Somebody to support them and maybe brainstorm to plan and designing the next chapter and how to live their life.” – Lorie Wood

Lorie Wood on the Biggest Challenges of Divorce

Lorie shares her thoughts on the 3 biggest challenges when going though the process of divorce.

  1. People are not in the same emotional page. Sometimes, a couple that is going through the divorce process can be in agreement, but not in the same emotional state. One of which could’ve been thinking about it for a long time and have come to terms with it, while their partner felt like a bomb has been dropped in front of them. So it’s a good idea to get a feel of these things so that Lorie can give sound advice for both parties involved.
  2. People making long-term decisions based on a temporary emotion. As mentioned earlier, divorce can bring about a flurry of emotions as you go through them, especially if it’s all too sudden. Making life-altering decisions during this state of mind is not the best course of action, and people need someone who can tell them that.

    Sometimes, the person undergoing such an experience just needs to be heard, an outlet of sorts. Lorie acts as this listener, and a solid 3rd party voice of reason for those who are thinking of making big life decisions during these times.
  3. People who doesn’t move on or are stuck in their emotions. These are almost the opposite of the previous challenge, in which they do not want to move on and either stay angry, or play the blame game on themselves.

    Though different, oftentimes they are the same with the previous type of people: they also just need to be heard. Having someone acknowledge their concerns and feelings can help them move on and plan for their future.

Want to hear more from Lorie Wood and how to deal with the emotional side of divorce? Continue listening to this episode.


Lorie has been in the family law field for almost 30 years assisting people with navigating divorces as a Certified Mediator and LDA. Her passion, however, is the role of a Divorce Coach/Specialist helping people with the emotional aspects of a divorce. As a divorce coach, she is able to help her clients reduce conflict, save money and avoid making permanent decisions based on temporary emotions.

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