The Entrepreneurial Journey of Lingmo | Danny May

Today on Live with Bottleneck, we talk all about Lingmo, a digital AI-powered translation software provider, and its entrepreneurial journey on how it came to be. So today, we have Danny May, founder of Lingmo and also a global AI-tech entrepreneur and industry speaker.

Overcoming Odds

Danny expounds on his personal and professional journey on how he has made Lingmo. He hopes his story will help inspire people to pursue their passions outside their career, no matter how different. He then shares with us the benefits of artificial intelligence (A.I.) and how this can, not only, assist you in your business but also aid individuals when they travel.

“This is more about just me, sharing my journey on how we’ve done it for Lingmo. Which I hope may inspire people to do something different, but also see how artificial intelligence can assist your businesses, as well as individuals when they travel. ” – Danny May

Contextual Understanding

In this regard, Danny proceeds to share with us the benefits of A.I. and how it has been developed to understand the context you may be talking in. He discusses how these algorithms and enhanced processing have in turn developed improved punctuation, grammar, and contextual understanding that is industry specific. Additionally, he shares that this is a continuous feeding of information in order to stay ahead of the curve.

“Generally, in most sense, the other algorithms and the A.I. understands and starts to look and teach itself. But then, there are certain words where we’ve got to come in and train it. They give us the data and we’re trying to suit it to learn that word and what it actually means, so it contextually translates it on the other side.” – Danny May

Dealing with Nuances

Danny discusses how the training of the A.I. exceeds the barriers of language and dialects. He tells us how the mindset of the training is to challenge the status quo. There would be no more need to strain yourself to understand what the other person of a different language is trying to say.

“Everything that would build Lingmo off is doing that. And thinking outside the box, because if you don’t think outside the box, you’re never really going to get ahead. And that’s exactly what we’re doing.” – Danny May

To know more about Lingmo and it’s entrepreneurial journey, watch this episode. 


Danny is a global AI tech entrepreneur and industry speaker who founded Lingmo, a digital AI-Powered translation software provider with no IT or AI background. His idea to develop a real-time language translation solution, to break down the global language barrier, came about after an embarrassing situation in China when his passport was stolen and he had no way of communicating with the local people.

With no formal training in the technology space, Danny has a deep understanding of AI and Speech Recognition technology in the translation sector and the benefits it brings not only to products but also to the people using the technology. This has led him to develop relationships with many corporate multinationals and take the lead in mentoring them on how they can improve their business communications as well as guide them into incorporating AI into their internal systems.

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