The Future of Work and the Workplace | Dan Goldstern

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the workplace for different businesses has dramatically changed. The introduction of a remote-based workforce promises great productivity at a lower cost, but will remote-operated businesses become the future of workplaces? 

Let us find out today at Live on Bottleneck with Dan Goldstern, Co-Founder of DojoAI. He talks about the future of work and the workplace.

Distributed Workforce

Balancing loss and profit can lead down into how offices handles distributed workforce. Most businesses are trying to rearrange to find the setup with most productivity and the best collaboration. Dan talks about how this is happening in every single company and how DojoAI can help fix that challenge.

“We’re a data-driven company. We crunch numbers from all of our clients. We always start by trying to understand through data where those employees are spending their time. Doing so showed employee satisfaction for collaborative work, We’re beginning to see those workplaces were really good, and working remotely is better in those categories.” – Dan Goldstern

Challenges of Working Remotely

From a productivity standpoint, remote work is amazing but technology nowadays moves so fast. Everything is moving so quickly and this brings some of the biggest challenges businesses are struggling to deal with. Dan discusses where he finds these challenges and what are the key roles to solve them when people are working remotely.

“When we say productivity we mean individual productivity. Collaboration is team productivity. When companies are chasing productivity, they’re thinking about these two.” -Dan Goldstern

Having a Hybrid Model

The current pandemic is a milestone that created a lot of complexity in the world right now. With the remote-based workplace, this has introduced a great alternative to how people can function in the workplace. Dan shares with us his idea of how to maximize productivity by adopting a hybrid model that takes advantage of working both on-site and remotely.

“It’s the idea of a blended model and that’s where everything is heading. There’s no reason why a company needs to choose. They both have value for the company in order to create this picture of an individual work style. It’s unique to every single company. That’s the key then you’ve got that middle and the middle is where it gets interesting,” – Dan Goldstern

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Dan Goldstern is the co-founder of Dojo, an A.I platform that helps companies design better workplaces.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, he has been working with business leaders across industries to re-imagine the future of work and the changing role of the office.

His previous experience includes working on economic development, labor, and housing policy in the NYC Mayor’s Office and on large-scale real estate development projects with Silverstein Properties. 

He studied political theory at the University of Pennsylvania and was a Schwarzman Scholar in Beijing. In his spare time, Dan enjoys riding around New York City on his bicycle.

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