Top Reasons Why People Decide to Work from Home

Top Reasons Why People Decide to Work from Home

People work for different reasons. Some work for passion, and some work solely for money. Read the top reasons why people decide to work from home, and understand what makes it a better path towards success.

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1. The Happiness Factor

People are happy when they get to do what they want. It gives them enough energy to make the most out of their day. It is something difficult to achieve when you struggle to strike a balance between work and life.

Parents slave themselves to work to provide for their family. Sadly, in exchange, they miss spending quality time with them.

Highly skilled employees also do the best they could at a career where promotion is vague. And, fresh graduates continue to saturate the field of unemployment.

People want to achieve more of what life has to offer. The ability to experience it makes them happy. Social psychologist Daniel Gilbert said, “You are looking for things that make your new life better, you are finding them, and they are making you happy.”

Happiness from Challenges

In an interview with Harvard Business Review, David presented the idea that challenges make people happy. By challenges, he meant those things that are difficult but possible.

To an employee, this could be a demanding project that is soon due. If he sees it as something that he could learn from, something that will help him advance, then he will be happy enough to complete it.

The more privileges he has, the better chances he has to becoming completely happy. Anything that will help him achieve his goals feasibly is worth investing his time and energy.

Here are the common reasons why working from home provides happiness:

A Comfortable Workplace Environment

Dress the way you want, eat anytime you need, and work from anywhere and in any position you want. With a comfortable environment, you get better concentration in completing the tasks at hand.

Noise is a choice that you can escape.

Comfort, however, does not mean being unprofessional. It only means that you can work better at a place that is convenient for you. In a sense, you get to work as your own boss.

No Commute and Road Traffic

You don’t have to spend time in travel. You can work immediately and even spend less. More time means more energy to complete a task promptly and to spend time on what you love.

The Sought-after Life Balance

Many job seekers want to achieve balance, where they would not have to juggle priorities. By working at home, they get to conserve energy and time. Parents get to be with their children, self-sustaining students get to study and work efficiently—people earn well to supplement their goals and desires of happiness.

The Growth Opportunity

Challenges exist in any type of work. When you work from home, however, it is assumed that you have the skills to complete a task efficiently on your own—that you are self-directed and reliable.

The advantage is that you learn to master your skills as you frequently exercise them in the long run.

In any industry and workplace, flexibility is a happiness factor that workers need. It is not a luxury to be deprived, but a need to be addressed. Being uncompromising in certain areas breeds stress and unhappiness, which could lead to unwanted issues in both work and life in general.

2. Productivity

Businesses provide jobs to people in pursuit of their mission and values. With the happiness of being able to work at home, people are more productive in completing everyday tasks.

CEO Michael Fitzpatrick said in a news release, “What we found is people who work remotely often feel a greater need to perform. But ultimately, successful remote work requires collaboration, and collaboration depends on relationships and frictionless communication.”

Remote workers concentrate better without being much distracted by noisy conversation, phones, and the like. Many also enjoy working on their own. In a survey by FlexJobs, 65% of the workers think this to be true.

Among other top distractions are: interruptions from colleagues, frequent meetings, and office politics.

A number of factors affect performance. To the remote worker, this includes personal, household, and community influences. Unexpected and inevitable circumstances happen.

This is why businesses implement efficient systems to carry out their objectives.

Here are two ways that can help increase productivity:

Maintain Consistent Lines of Communication

It is very important to keep workers updated. 34% of surveyed workers desire a weekly communication with their supervisors. Majority of them enjoy receiving feedback for their work.

It motivates them to do better. Effective communication also prevents issues and increases productivity.

Have a Vision that Directs People to Action

Distance, culture differences, and other limits could get in the way of work. Businesses greatly benefit by setting clear expectations from workers.

It guides workers to action and streamlines their jobs. It also provides them with more idea about the business. Without vision, systems fail and workers can easily get demotivated to work.

When people get along, it gives the business a boost in the industry. Good work relationships provide room for both employers and workers to grow. Businesses can also fill the gaps, alleviate worker isolation, and efficiently carry out objectives through technology.

3. Better Pay

The chance to earn higher pay is another reason why people decide to work from home. Many of the remote workers get paid according to the number of hours they complete. Their pay also has no deductions, such as healthcare and insurance.

But, good pay is not all about the money. Other factors include a worthwhile career, a good employer, and immaterial benefits in life. When workers are happy with their job, they are more efficient in carrying out tasks.

A male graduate in one survey said, “If I’m working on something I enjoy and am passionate about, I will be motivated.” 


Work-from-home jobs come with specific costs and benefits. Not everybody is fit to pursue them. To aspiring applicants, identify what you want to achieve and expect from the company. 

An ideal job provides a win-win solution. Workers are able to hone their expertise in a job that pays them well in return.

Employers also reap the benefits of having someone reliable and efficient enough to carry out the goals. In any case, good work relationship makes things easy.

To quote the legendary Nelson Mandela, “There is no passion to be found playing small in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”

Passion plays a huge role in work. In the Talent Attraction Study by Indeed, 51% of the new hires fail in their new roles due to lack of commitment. They do not have enough passion or interest to succeed.

They might have been forced to accept a job since they had no other offers available, or thought that they were qualified enough to carry out the role. It affects the business and other things involved either way. 

Choosing the right person is not easy. It is also not easier for the workers to identify whether it is the ideal job for them. People can easily shift perspectives and goals.

Nonetheless, working from home remains a viable option. It may not work for everybody always, but it presents fascinating benefits that are not readily available in traditional office work.

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