Trust is the Most Valuable Currency. Learn How to Leverage It | Miha Matlievski

Joining us on today’s episode of Live With Bottleneck is Miha Matlievski. He talks about how failure changed his life after almost giving up. He shares his inspiring story of recovery, redemption, and success. Pay special attention to why he thinks trust is the most valuable currency today and how you as a business person can leverage it. 

In Failure Comes Success 

Miha starts off by sharing his story of failure, loss, and redemption. He says that the pathway to success is often filled with failing, testing, trying, roadblocks. He emphasizes that one should learn how to embrace the failure and have a healthy relationship with it. He adds that overcoming dark times is a great foundation for opening up an opportunity to discover trust in other people. 

“What’s that one thing that really stands out,  how quickly you will achieve the actual success.  It’s really how well you handle failure.” Miha Matlievski

Have Trust as Your Foundation 

Miha then discusses that the only way to speed up any kind of business development process is to recognize and use the leverages that one has. He emphasizes that the most important leverage of a person is the leverage of trust. It shortens the trust journey in finding investors, employees, and your customers. 

“The purpose is to start generating the trust. And once those prospects go into your sales process, the sales is trying to even further that trust. Then through the delivery, whether those are  products or services, try not to screw up too much so that you maintain that trust. Then through the client experience process, you try to nurture that trust.” Miha Matlievski

Respect and Trust 

Miha emphasizes that trust is the core of every relationship – especially in business relationships. Miha adds that trust makes it easier for people to connect. As the number one currency, it must be respected and the person whose trust you are seeking must be respected. He says that nothing is more powerful than trust so it must be nourished for it not to fall off. 

“Trust, when you have it, it’s an amazing thing. It’s number one currency if you ask me. But you can easily lose it if you don’t respect the trust and if you do something just for your own gain without respecting the other person.” Miha Matlievski

To know more about trust and how to use it in businesses and for more information about Miha Matlievski, watch this episode. 


In 2009, Miha had four companies go bankrupt overnight: landing him $5 million in debt.

Contemplating suicide to escape the pain as he looked over the balcony, he had a life-saving AH-HA moment.

He realized that failure was a normal part of life: admitting to himself that he failed and to recognize he needed to stop blaming others and circumstances.

This was the turning point when he made a choice to learn from his failures so he could do things differently in the future and to help others.

Since then, he has climbed back to create a business and scaling it to 8 figures in less than a year. His life mission is to help people develop a healthy relationship with failure, especially entrepreneurs. 

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Facebook page: @FailCoach

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