Using Data Analytics to Elevate the HR Function | Dr. John Johnson

Joining us on this episode of Live With Bottleneck is author and business owner John Johnson. He shares his expertise in Human Resources (HR) and in data analysis. He teaches techniques on how to fuse the two elements together in order to elevate your business to the next level. 

Starting Data Analysis 

John starts the discussion by saying that the first step in data analysis is identifying the questions that need answers. He says that one must determine whether it can be answered by data or not. John adds that it is also necessary to know the kind of data present in the business in order to utilize it. 

“That discipline of sort of framing it around a problem and a practical issue is so important to actually be able to begin to make use or even identify what data sets you have.”  John Johnson 

Collect Data 

After hearing Jaime’s story, John highlights the importance of collecting data from clients. He said that surveys are good tools to get meaningful insights that are consistent with the business. John shares that through surveys, one can also receive comments and other data which are outside the usual realm of possibility and explore it. 

“That exercise which actually started as a qualitative data exercise is data. People that say things are data. But then, now you’ve sort of started to convert it into both how you can get practical feedback and how you can start to address the problem. That is a very pragmatic way to deal with data.” John Johnson 

Role of Data Analysis in HR 

John shares that a lot of people in HR have people skills and are good in dealing with people. However, he assures that the use of data in HR does not make employees lose their people skills. Instead, John says that HR staff will do things more in a data-oriented manner in approaching problems practically. 

“But I think the important starting point is creating a dialogue both internally around what the nature of the problems you’re trying to solve and what the data sets you have access to are really critical.” John Johnson 

To know more about using data analytics in elevating HR functions and for more information about John Johnson, watch this episode. 


Dr. John Johnson knows HR data like few others. As a PhD economist who analyzes the issues of liability and damages in labor and employment litigation, John understands how to transform companies’ raw, messy data into meaningful analysis and reliable results that empower informed decision-making. A teacher at heart, John is known for his ability to explain technical concepts simply and clearly.

John is also a business owner and entrepreneur who appreciates the power of harnessing data in running a high-performing organization. Ten years ago he founded Edgeworth Economics and has since built the company into a world-class economic consulting firm. And in 2019, John launched Edgeworth Analytics to meet the growing demand for sound data analysis in human resources and other business services. 

John is the author of the book Everydata: The Misinformation Hidden in the Little Data You Consume Every Day and has delivered keynote speeches on Everydata to a range of business audiences.

John received his PhD in economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and his BA in economics, with highest distinction, from the University of Rochester.

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