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On today’s Live with Bottleneck, our guest Lisa Arora talks about how you can move both management and teams through a visual approach. Given the post-pandemic environment of going remote or taking a hybrid approach, visual meetings can help keep everyone engaged and interested.

Lisa Arora is the Founder and President of Get The Picture, a boutique consultancy which provides management consulting and visual facilitation services to boards and executive teams looking to drive change.

So if you’re looking for some tips to keeping your team moving and avoid meeting burnout, stay tuned to this episode.

Who is Lisa Arora?

Lisa describes herself as having the unique experience of growing up in a family of car enthusiasts. Both her parents were into racing, and eventually her brother when he grew up. So it has been her biggest ambition as a child to finally get her driver’s license and drive to her heart’s content.

Since then, she has been on several race tracks, and have driven a bunch of different car models, much to her delight.

“I love to drive, but I like to be in a vehicle that really gives you an experience of driving.” – Lisa Arora

Lisa Arora on being a Visual Facilitator

Lisa shares that a lot of people don’t really know what a Visual Facilitator does at first.

She describes her work as something akin to what an educator does, which she also has experience prior to her current career.

“I started my career as an educator, so I know how to move people in a group from A to B process-wise. And really, that’s what I do know as a Visual Facilitator. I work with boards and leadership teams, and even multi-stakeholder groups who need to get in a room.” – Lisa Arora

Lisa’s job then is to design processes that they can go through to have those important conversations, and use visual language and capture the key ideas into large panels.

Simply put, it’s almost translating what they might be thinking into something tangible and can be seen by the rest of the group.

Visuals as a Language

“I always tell people that Visuals are a language, and that you can learn to speak Visual too!” – Lisa Arora

Lisa explains that our brains are hard-wired for Visuals. We instinctively understand visual language when we see it, and it has an impact on us whether we know it or not. But you can also learn to speak it fluently, so you can more easily convey thoughts and messages through the visuals you create.

Visuals is not all shapes, colors, and images. You can also use words, but combined with other things to be able to better express the importance of your message.

To learn more about Lisa Arora, and how to bring about Visual Meetings in a Post Pandemic Environment, continue watching this episode.


Meet Lisa Arora – A Visual Strategist, Mediator & Board Director who helps groups collaborate effectively and harness their genius to achieve solutions and results.

Lisa Arora is the Founder and President of Get The Picture, a boutique consultancy which provides management consulting and visual facilitation services to boards and executive teams looking to drive change. She has facilitated 1000’s of high-level meetings around the globe for high profile and complex organizations, helping them navigate system reform, develop strategic enterprise and transformation plans, shape culture, improve processes and solve a range of other organizational and team development issues.

A certified board director herself, Lisa sits on two non-profit boards and is looking to add a corporate board position. On a personal note, Lisa is a mother, a grandmother, an outdoor enthusiast and a loyal patron of the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit. She likes to joke that she works to buy brakes and tires.

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