What Do You Mean by an Achievement Acceleration Company? With Larry Olsen


Larry Olsen

In today’s episode of Live with Bottleneck, Larry Olsen talks about how your teams can break ingrained, ineffective habits that are holding them back, much like a Bottleneck in your workflow.

Larry Olsen is an international speaker, podcast host, and CEO of Aperneo. He also has a bestselling book called Get a Vision and Live It. His aim is to help people learn how to change their attitudes to align with their vision for themselves.

Getting Everyone Onboard

Larry Olsen has been in the business for several years now, and what he has found to be the best way to make a company rock and roll is Culture.

“Culture is getting into what is actually going on with people when you put things in place like you mission or purpose. You do all the things you need to get your people to want to be a part of something greater that themselves. How people behave afterwards becomes the guiding principles, the parameters with which we interact with each other.” – Larry Olsen

What Larry has found out over the years is that no matter how one is masterful on the topic of nurturing culture, the Bottleneck is the fact that people are not all the same and react differently to certain situations.

So a lot of culture building in a company is helping people unlearn some of their preconceived notions that doesn’t fit with the company’s ethos.

Once you have everyone onboard, growth will seem to happen overnight.

Achievement Acceleration: First Things First

Jaime agrees with the sentiment that a good office culture is important to the company. It empowers everyone and allows them to always move towards a single goal. He then asks how Larry approaches companies and the people he’s about to meet for the first time.

Larry explains that the first thing he does is to ask: Why am I here? This helps him establish why they are interested to begin with. Then he follows up with asking what is going on / not happening in their company. This is to know if the management itself has an idea of their issues.

“Out of 500 people, only five actually sustain a change they intended to make. We all want to change. We all want to fulfill the great potential inside of us, but how do we release that if we don’t even know what’s holding us back?” – Larry Olsen

Oftentimes, getting problems fixed can be done in a snap. It’s because no one thinks to point out the problem that delays progress. Who better to point out these problems than those on-site?

Yet if they are afraid or too indifferent to speak out, then you have a culture problem. Because people in your company are just focused on themselves, and not the company as a collective. That can block progress in the long run.

Mission and Vision

Jaime points out that some people can get the Mission and Vision of the company mixed up.

Larry explains Mission as the purpose of the organization or company. It is why they do what they do. Vision, on the other hand, is something that the company or organization is trying to accomplish now.

The challenge is to not lose sight of our Mission as an organization’s Vision change due to the times and different motivations.

Speaking of motivations, one of the worst motivations to have is fear. As Larry shares, fear as a motivator narrows a person’s field, which gives them less channels to move forward as they progress.

“In Corporate America today, 95% of companies motivate by fear. That’s a tough one to comprehend, with all the enlightenment we’ve received about how little performance you get from someone who’s motivated by fear. Fear is not always someone holding a gun to your head or threatening you, (sometimes) fear is the feeling of opportunity for loss.” – Larry Olsen

To learn more about Larry Olsen and how you can align yourself and your team to reach the same goals, watch this episode.


Larry Olsen is an international speaker, author, podcast host, and executive coach. He has years of experience working with Fortune 50 companies, championship teams, and entrepreneurs on establishing their vision and sense of purpose.

Larry is passionate about providing individuals and teams quick, actionable guidance on how to break ingrained, ineffective habits that they did not even know were holding them back, and his bestselling book, Get a Vision and Live It, is helping people learn how to change their attitudes to align with their visions.

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