What Silicon Valley Knows About Growing Startups | Lara Jordan

What Silicon Valley Knows About Growing Startups | Lara Jordan

Merging her passions for startups and doing marketing and advertising for, Lara Jordan is a digital marketer providing support to Silicon Valley StartUps. She is the Head of Marketing of company Pericus Ventures for three years now.

Today, she shares her experiences as an outsourced marketing and advertising agency who helps StartUps in the San Francisco tech world gain traction. 

Supporting StartUps

Lara and her company serves companies who are in pursuit of getting traction or either to raise funding and focus on building better products and services. She serves as an outsourced marketing arm for these companies, providing strategy, management and campaigns and analytics. 

“I take the marketing off the shoulder of the founders and help them get the numbers they need to run a successful company and build a successful company.” – Lara Jordan

Building A Credible Brand

In today’s digital marketing scene, everything is changing so quickly which makes it hard for companies to stay updated. This leads to businesses being left out in the curve. Lara discusses with us why StartUps need a proper presentation to give a good first impression.

“All these different elements have been built out so that we can have a robust online presence. Today, everything is so competitive. If you don’t have a strong brand, you can lose a customer. If you have a bad website, you have a bad product. Having a good design, building marketing funnels and content can help you present yourself properly.” – Lara Jordan

Developing Mutual Trust

Creating a good relationship with the client should be a number one priority for starting businesses as this promotes mutual trust. Lara shares with us her experiences on how to handle this kind of issue for starting businesses in improving relationships with their clients.

“I hear time and time again from potential clients, they’ve been burned by bad marketing that promised something from advertising and they felt it was wasted money. The thing that separates me is that I really care about my clients, I want to feel like a team member at those companies. I want to do everything I can to make them successful.” -Lara Jordan

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Lara Jordan is a digital strategist who specializes in working with early-stage tech founders from diverse backgrounds, building impactful businesses. 

Through her firm, Pericus Ventures, she acts as an outsourced Head of Marketing, helping startups build out their digital marketing, reach their target market, and gain traction. 

Her expertise spans growth strategy, digital advertising, search engine marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing. 

Lara formerly led content marketing at 500 Startups. Prior to that, she ran global brand development for the French event software startup Magency Digital (now SparkUp). 

Connect with Lara!

Email: lara@pericusventures 

LinkedIn: larajordan@lindkedin

Instagram: @pericusventures

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