What’s Up with VA’s These Days? | Michelle & Doug Myers


On today’s episode of Live with Bottleneck, we have spouses Michelle and Doug Myers to talk about the status and the current set-up of virtual assistants and remote work these days. They also share their experiences as virtual assistants and how they built their business, Pink Callers, an administrative support solution.

Different Perspective

Doug and Michelle Myers share how their business started and how they helped each other in building it up more. Michelle says that she started the business alone as she was a single mom back then, and Doug helped her achieve their goals and visions for their business. Doug adds that it is important to step back and respect that someone can say the things that you need to hear in order to grow.

“In our mind, we’re thinking I’ve got it all figured out I’m doing it the right way and someone else’s perspective can see it completely different and change the game. I know that we go through that quite often where we look at a process, system, or communication tool and ask the question, why can’t it get better, why are we doing it this way, why not that way and I think that’s helped us grow.” – Doug Myers

Working Remotely

Diving into the topic of what’s up with VA’s these days, Michelle shares her thoughts about working remotely. She says that it is one way to stay productive, especially this time of the pandemic. Also, she is glad and hopeful for it because of the technology that supports it to accomplish its accountability.

“I think all these things have happened in the world has proven a point to the workforce at large that working remotely can be productive and is an option.” – Michelle Myers

Words of Wisdom

Before ending the show, Jamie asks Michelle and Doug Myers what they would advise the audience through leaving them and the audience some words of wisdom. Michelle advises getting a customer relationship management software on your phone so that you can run and monitor your company easily. Additionally, she advises to think ahead of time and think for the future.

“The minute you start getting all of those customers into a place whether you capture them and do business with them or not, you need to be able to touch them in the future in some way. Grow the business of the future, don’t solve the problem of today. Buy what you need for the future when you have 10 to 30 guys in the field, and that will get you fired up and re-energized about your business because you’ll start seeing the benefit of being able to connect with customers quickly and easily.” – Michelle Myers

To know more about Michelle and Doug Myers and What’s Up with VA’s These Days, watch this episode.


Michelle is the founder and CEO of Pink Callers, an administrative support solution that assigns customer service rockstars to support home service businesses remotely.

Pink Callers manages all incoming calls, emails and chats to your business, inputs all information into your business CRM and schedules both sales appointments and accepted crew work. Pink Callers mission is to provide work at home opportunities in the admin support space.

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