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On this special episode of Live with Bottleneck, our guest Sandra Stachowicz talks about why capable business owners never get their book written and published. She also talks about being able to share a message without needing to compromise values, creative rights, and the message itself.

Sandra Stachowicz is a book strategist. She is writing a book that specializes with women and helping them get their voice out there while maintaining its integrity. Sandra was born in Poland, but she has lived in Scotland for the last 16 years. She has set up a publishing company there, and she works primarily with women entrepreneurs and women coaches.

If you’re interested to know why business owners don’t get their book written and published, stay tuned to this episode.

Who is Sandra Stachowicz?

Sandra Stachowicz helps women become bestselling authors. She teaches them how to make the competition irrelevant. Sandra allows them to write their books without selling their soul to the devil. So far, Sandra has four books out on Amazon already.

As a narcissistic-abuse survivor and an immigrant, Sandra has risen above her injustices and is now a five-time bestselling author and book coach. She is also a member of Think Tank for Women in Business & Technology. She is a TED Ed speaker as well, and a Women’s Voice Advocate.

Sandra is also an extremely sought-after ghostwriter for high-profile clients. She believes that you don’t need to compromise anything when you’re getting your message out there. Sandra is creating a global movement by encouraging women to become bestselling authors.

Why books do not get written and published and how to overcome it

Sandra says that the problem is not the writer, sometimes. She expresses that she is against traditional publishing houses and hybrid publishers who take credit for all the hard work done by the writer. These publishing houses also do not do any marketing for the author. All they do is distribute the content, and keep 100% of the rights.

A few questions Sandra asks of entrepreneurs are how much profit they’d like to keep, and of course, they would say that, ideally, they’d like to keep 100% of the profits. If you’re working with a publisher, that is highly unlikely to happen. Profits and royalties are typically between 30% to 40% with a publisher.

Sandra says that the best way to keep all the money for yourself is to self-publish. Meet with a self-publishing expert, so they can help you market your book and you get to keep all the profit and royalties. A transparent pricing structure and a great marketing strategy are two things that help a writer be able to publish their book.

Now, one of the problems that Sandra sees about entrepreneurs not having a bestselling book sometimes lies in the business itself. 

“The book is a business card. If your business is not doing well and you launch a book, it might just magnify whatever isn’t working. So to make sure that your book does well on the market, your business should first be in working order.” – Sandra Stachowicz

To know more about why books don’t get written and published, continue listening to this episode.


Sandra Stachowicz helps women become the most-talked-about bestselling authors by teaching them how to make their competition irrelevant. But the difference is that her clients don’t sell their soul to the devil; they write their Wall Street Journal, USA Today, or Barnes & Noble bestselling book in their unique voice without compromising on their message, their values, or their creative rights.

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