Why InVision Doesn’t Have a Physical Office

Business Insider featured the unconventional story of a startup built entirely online with all of its employees working remotely from different parts of the world — InVision.

They have grown to have 700 employees in seven years. As a professional outsourcing agency, their story is nothing short of fantastic. It’s incredible to see a real-life example of how another company has embraced the power of a remote workplace and made it work without the traditional practices of a brick-and-mortar business system.

Not Trading Results for Convenience

Business owners can drastically reduce overhead with a thriving business model that includes remote workers. The remote workers also save time because they can avoid commuting to and from the office. There are many more benefits for both the business owners and remote workers, but these are two that come to mind initially.

Working from anywhere with an internet connection also offers a tremendous amount of flexibility which helps with creativity and motivation.

According to InVision’s CPO Mark Frein, “It’s about results, not where your IP address is. We care about what you’re able to do or achieve. If you’re able to achieve something great while working wonky hours, then that’s great.”

Supporting Business Growth Worldwide

Working with someone halfway around the world has its own challenges, but it doesn’t mean it cannot be done. Many of these challenges can be corrected before they ever happen as long as systems and processes are in place. One perspective that comes into play for growing companies is that projects can be approached with diversity. What this means is that by having a staff with people from different parts of the world, new ideas and concepts have a much larger meaning due to cultural differences in the way we approach various projects.

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