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In today’s episode on Live with Bottleneck, Vinnie Fisher joins us to talk about working from home ― remote and hybrid model. Vinnie is the CEO of Fully Accountable, an outsourced full service, cutting edge accounting firm that helps e-commerce and digital business owners through fractional CFO and accounting services.

Vinnie is an entrepreneur and a best-selling author who has served over 20 years of experience growing and scaling multiple eight figure companies. He has been rewarded Digital Marketer of the Year multiple times. He has also been featured on many top-rated national podcasts and other media outlets such as Business Insider.

The Remote and Hybrid Work Model

A lot of people don’t understand the power behind hiring people remotely. Vinnie dives into his professional background and how he came into the remote and hybrid work model. Though there are some challenges in distant learning and activity, he believes that these models of hybrid will flourish into the future.

Vinnie and Jaime mention how people’s minds have been opened up into this idea of a new work hybrid and how it can become the future of the workplace.

“Our company lives in the hybrid model. We do have a corporate office building and we have key people in our organization that come to the office. Even during all this time and the essential elements of what we do, there’s a whole chunk of us that do that. But the vast majority of our company works hybrid. This means they work outside of our building. We call them something a little different than distant. We call them homies. The term we use here, it’s a cultural term, one of our homies named themselves and it stuck. I believe that hybrid is going to ultimately look and be a more efficient model because you need a balance. You need a little of each.” – Vinnie Fisher

Benefits or Burdens of The Hybrid Model

Vinnie comments how digital video has been a vital part of communication when it comes to our virtual relationship and businesses. He advises people to leave their videos on in order to help maintain attention and relationships in the workplace. Additionally, Vinnie encourages leaders to not only improve strategy and mission but also reach out to employees. This can be one of the benefits and burdens when it comes to running the hybrid model.

“You have a great responsibility to be a steward of the hybrid model. For me, you can lead through the use of beneficial or encouraging words that are motivating. My job is to encourage. That doesn’t mean I can’t look to things that need to be critiqued, but I can use beneficial and uplifting words to do that. Quite honestly, I think there’s a great responsibility of leaders to not just check out but also help your people. This is a time for leadership because, without it, people do perish.” – Vinnie Fisher

Free Market Society

Vinnie discusses how the free market society is improving categories of businesses. As businesses and operations are changing, there is nothing more powerful than testing the stability and strength of your organization through a remote system. He discusses how the modern businesses can be run by seizing chunks of the company in a fractionalized outsource model and thus become massively more efficient than ever.

“Businesses that are actually solving problems are offering value to the customer. They can still get taken out by the bad inefficiencies of the way their companies are operated. But now with this ability to be able to virtualize, fractionalize, and outsource components of your business, you have a better chance of surviving the process, people, and things that can happen in your company.” – Vinnie Fisher

To know more about Fully Accountable and the benefits and burdens of the remote and hybrid model, watch this episode.


Vinnie Fisher is an entrepreneur and a best-selling author who has over 20 years of experience growing a scaling multiple 8 figure companies.

His most recent mission is to help eCommerce, tech and digital business owners improve their financial fluency and operate their accounting back office as a profit center.

After growing 3–8 – figure businesses with fast growth, many customers, and low margin, Vinnie discovered the issue was that he lacked financial fluency and gave back much of his hard-earned money in cash waste and no margin. With no good solutions in the marketplace, Vinnie founded Fully Accountable, an outsourced full service cutting edge accounting firm, that helps eCommerce and Digital business owners through fractional CFO and accounting services.

Vinnie has been awarded Digital Marketer of the Year multiple times and has been featured on many top-rated national podcasts and other media outlets such as Business Insider.

He has also authored three best-selling books and has guided Fully Accountable to the Inc 5000 as one of the fastest-growing companies in America twice, and ranked as one of the Top 5 Outsourced Accounting Firms by CFO Tech Outlook.

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