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In today’s Live with Bottleneck, Alicia Ramsdell shares with us how your biggest success often come from an internal source.

Alicia Ramsdell is the Founder and CEO of Mindful Career Path. It aims to elevate a business’ professional brand through organizational / career development plans. She has led successful client engagement with hundreds of institutions and individual entrepreneurs.

So if you wish to bring success to your company through nurturing your team, stay tuned to this episode.

Who is Alicia Ramsdell?

Alicia started Mindful Career Path to help people with the know-how to ignite their passions. She herself has had the same experience, working in Corporate America for 15 years. She has the knowledge, but not the passion for her career back then.

Only when she started working with college interns and teaching as an adjunct professor did her passion blaze.

“I decided to pivot and take where I had a passion and allow myself to drive that into my purpose, which was crating mindful career paths.

And now post-2020, we’re hearing a lot about what’s the new norm going to look like. Well, that’s exactly what I’m hoping to be part of: rethinking this new norm.” – Alicia Ramsdell

Alicia Ramsdell on Enriching the Company from Within

With the current situation we have due to the pandemic, finding talents for the organization can be a hard task. Which is why a lot of companies are now prioritizing employee retention. Rather than having a high turnover rate, which was the norm pre-pandemic.

As such, employee wellness programs have become the norm in most companies. Offering better perks and benefits are also becoming a regular thing. The next step is to make sure that they feel like they are growing alongside the company.

Alicia shares that her aim with Mindful Career Path is to work with organizations and individuals in advancing their career progression, which often leads to career fulfillment. If people in the organization have feels fulfilled in their careers, they are less likely to leave, boosting employee retention.

Career Development Takes Time

According to Alicia, career development is not a linear path, and it’s not always going to be picturesque.

“I think career development is much like social media. You’re only going to hear and see the perfect pictures, and not the 15 outtakes that came before those. Career Development takes time and the end game of securing those ideal roles is a process. So we can’t let those filtered pictures of career success fool us” – Alicia Ramsdell

For those who are thinking whether they should have a career change or stay with their current career, Alicia shares that it took a lot of self-reflection before she decided that for herself. In the end, she found her work facilitating the growth of the college interns and teaching higher education as something that resonated with her.

So she took the best of both worlds. She created a career for herself in which she can help others achieve a successful and fulfilling career for themselves.

To hear more from Alicia Ramsdell and how your business’ success could come from within, continue listening to this episode.


Alicia Ramsdell, CCSP,  GCDF, MST, is the Founder and CEO of Mindful Career Path, elevating an institution’s / client’s professional brand through intentional organization/career development plans. Alicia launched Mindful Career Path just as she began to unite her professional passion and energy with her career in a sincere way. It was at this alignment that Mindful Career Path set its vision and thrived, guiding clients to develop their institution/career stories in a mindfully enthusiastic approach. Coinciding with her own daily meditation practice, she brings a unique holistic approach to career coaching.

Alicia has led successful client engagement with hundreds of institutions (including one of the top five pharmaceutical companies in the world) and individuals (professionals and students).  Prior to launching Mindful Career Path, Alicia gained instrumental career development experience as a 15-year corporate industry professional. She co-led undergraduate students in their internship experience, participated in the hiring process of employees, and successfully completed business training courses, including Interviewing Skills, Business Writing, Employment Law, and Effective Management Skills. While bringing her desire to work, she pioneered a career development program for young professionals.

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