Benefits of Project Management Software

Benefits of Project Management Software

Distant assistance is here to stay. It is now the new normal as more people have come to embrace the benefits of remote work. Hiring managers also have started to adopt a more flexible workforce, given the rising need for talent.

What can you do to make it work and be able to run a more efficient business? The use of project management software is key.

In this post, we discuss:

  • Project management for distant teams
  • The right time to upgrade to a software
  • Popular project management software benefits

Managing a Distributed Workforce

Distant teams comprise a multitude of today’s workforce. They work in remote locations all over the world and operate on an agile environment, where assignments are handled under flexible work phases.

Working with one another requires collaboration and communication through the Internet. There are many things to do in so little time and the tools that you use can either derail or advance you forward.

Project management helps members gain a better understanding of assignments and sets the direction for them. Still, you could only complete as many as time permits.

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Management Problems

Every workplace has its own unique organizational DNA. It also has its own set of challenges. Statistics show that the biggest challenges include hitting deadlines, sharing of information and ensuring that members are working.

The lack of physical interaction only makes it difficult to determine how assignments are advancing.

Benefits of using project management software:

1. File Sharing

Gone are the days when you have to juggle between cloud storage links and file sharing through emails. There is now project management software that stores internal folders for the entire team.

You simply upload your file to a specified folder. You can also create new folders and, if you still prefer using cloud storage, you can upload the file link instead.

This way, you get to share the file with your team and access them all in a single platform.

2. Direct Messaging

Get in touch immediately with your distant team through direct messaging. Basecamp, for example, has a messaging feature that allows one-on-one or group conversations similar to Facebook Messenger.

It also comes with file upload and emoji functions. A mobile version of the software is also available for convenience.

3. Project Scheduling

Project management software goes beyond basic scheduling. It provides a more accurate preview of the project duration through calendars and to-do lists.

Some programs, such as Redbooth, also provide Gantt Charts for a more detailed preview. It shows not only the time allocated but also the people assigned to the project.

4. Time Tracking

Time spent per project is undoubtedly valuable and it is normal to expect your team members to be working as they should.

No wonder time tracking is among the most requested features in project management software. Some offer built-in trackers, while some allow third-party integrations.

The important thing is you know how you want to track projects. You may ask yourself questions like, “Do I need real-time tracking for my team? Or, do I only need to see how the project is moving toward the deadline?”

After all, you might only want a simplified overview of the project. Using a separate time tracking software, like HiveDesk, can be more convenient and useful with its advanced features.


Project management is useful when working with remote assistants. It empowers teams to stay updated and be more engaged in their work. Thus, investing in suitable software can definitely bring long-term rewards.

Yet, at the same time, it can add to the challenges if you aren’t very familiar with how it works. Before making the purchase, review your weak spots in getting things done and understand the things that you need to improve.

It also helps to assess your resources and check how soon you can proceed with an upgrade.

The ideal software not only matches your budget but also proves itself useful in connecting and guiding team members so that your business operations remain smooth and productive.      

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