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4 Things You Must Do to Create a Professional Job Description

4 Things You Must Do to Create a Professional Job Description

What is a ‘Job Description’? Does it really do what you need it to do? After all, isn’t this just another piece of paper that will take up someone’s time and then just sit in a drawer (forgive me, folder in the cloud) never to be seen again?

Bottleneck VAs Celebrate Women

Bottleneck Virtual Assistants Celebrate Women

To mark International Women’s Month, we take a look at some of the inspirational women of Bottleneck Virtual Assistants, both service members, and business partners.  We celebrate women in business as we ask: what is the vision statement you live by and who is your favorite female influencer. We also ask our male service members…


The First Bottleneck Virtual Assistants Year-End Party 2019

Bottleneck Virtual Assistants ended the year 2019 with a bang as we hosted the very first Year-End Virtual Party last December 22. CEO and Managing Director Jaime Jay, alongside with Operations Director Sara Knox and Bottleneck Medical Virtual Services Partner Dr. David Laurino, spearheaded the costume party. The team utilized Zoom Web Conferencing App, which…

The 5 Key Signs Your Business Needs Administrative Help

The 5 Key Signs Your Business Needs Executive Assistance

While running your own business is certainly rewarding, it’s no secret that it’s also a ton of work. For starting and growing business owners like you, there’s so much to do that each day ends with heads spinning. Here are 5 key signs that will tell you it’s time to get some executive assistant to…

Bottleneck Virtual Assistants Philippines Location Recognized by Clutch for Superior IT and Business Services

Bottleneck Virtual Assistants Philippines Recognized by Clutch

As a small company specializing in non-voice BPO, back office and voice services, Bottleneck Virtual Assistants Philippines helps businesses innovate. We are honored to have the success of our efforts be recognized by Clutch as one of the top IT and Philippines business services providers. Our team appreciates this award, stating: “We are deeply honored…

How Virtual Assistants Manage Their Time

How Virtual Assistants Manage Their Time

Ever wondered how virtual assistants manage their time? We surveyed ten promising individuals in the industry to get a glimpse of their work strategies. Here are their answers: Related Post: What is a Virtual Assistant? Allocate Time Wisely Kristine, Social Media Manager: I create a to-do list prior to starting work and budget time for…

How to Delegate Tasks Effectively

How to Delegate Tasks Effectively

Your virtual assistant has completed the task and you are ready to tick it off the to-do list. There is, however, one problem—the output isn’t near your expectations. What would you have done differently to delegate tasks effectively? Delegation requires clarity. It requires a clear sense of direction on what needs to be done. Without…

The First Week with a Virtual Assistant

The First Week with a Virtual Assistant

How do you get started after hiring? What are the next steps to take? In this post, we discuss some suggestions on what you can do during your first week with a virtual assistant (VA). Note that every business has a unique set of needs. These suggestions are not intended to fit everybody’s concern. Review…

How to Leave a B2B Review on Clutch

How to Leave a B2B Review on Clutch

We have been helping companies outsource their business processes since 2006. Our virtual assistants are remote workers in the Philippines that you can trust. They perform tasks that our clients find too repetitive and boring or even those outside their area of expertise. Everyone knows that administrative duties are essential to help a company run…


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