Delegation & Outsourcing Expert Jaime Jay to Speak at BBRS 2017

Delegation & Outsourcing Expert Jaime Jay to Speak at BBRS 2017

The month of November will open with a bang as more than 30 industry experts gather to speak at the 3rd Business Building Rockstar Summit. BNDA’s very own delegation and outsourcing expert Jaime Jay will also be speaking at the live virtual event. Here’s something you do not want to miss at BBRS 2017.

About Business Building Rockstar Summit

Business Building Rockstar Summit (BBRS) is specially tailored for business owners and entrepreneurs. Podcaster Nicole Holland of Business Building Rockstar Show started it to help them realize the success they can achieve from their passion.

Who may attend the Summit? Anyone out to build a business. It could be someone who is:

  • Interested to start a business
  • Already achieving milestones in business
  • Desiring to level up his business

Many others have signed up for this once-in-a-year event. And you too may claim your slot now and participate!

Registration is free of charge but you can upgrade to premium for unlimited access to all the BBRS 2017 sessions. There are also exciting bonuses and an opportunity to ask questions during each session.

But there’s more…

You do not just get to join the Summit for free, but you also get enjoy it from the comforts of your home! No need to travel far or spend for anything else. It is one big, live and free virtual summit that you will be attending.

There is also an event guide and workbook available. And…

Each of the more than 30 speakers will be bringing with them a free gift. Why look further this upcoming November when you can attend and have more than 30 resources for your business at BBRS 2017?

Introducing the BBRS 2017 Speakers

From November 1 to 10, there will be a number of speakers engaging live with the audience every day. Yes, for ten days.

Among the industry experts who will be speaking are:

  • JJ Flizanes on optimal health for entrepreneurs
  • Robbie Samuels on networking
  • Tina Dietz on leveraging content
  • Justin Krane on being strategic with your money
  • Sarah Santacroce on business through LinkedIn
  • Daniel J Lewis on growing a business via podcasts
  • Megan Huber on setting and exceeding business goals

You can check out the Business Building Rockstar Summit 2017 website now for more information about the speakers and the topics they will cover. There is also a schedule posted there to guide you throughout the event.

Jaime Jay on Delegating and Outsourcing

Delegation & Outsourcing Expert Jaime Jay to Speak at BBRS 2017One of the anticipated speakers at the Summit is our very own Jaime Jay. Jaime has spent around 10 years in the outsourcing industry and has been helping entrepreneurs find reliable distant assistants since 2007.

Business owners and entrepreneurs can have distant assistants who are skilled in:

  • Administrative work
  • Web development
  • Graphic design
  • WordPress
  • Audio editing
  • Video editing
  • Social media
  • And others

We at BNDA, in particular, can help you free up time by doing the search for you. We have a five-step sourcing process that includes client inquiry, distant assistant intake, candidate search, interview, and hiring.

Our delegation and outsourcing expert Jaime is widely known for his DIY style. He stays with his clients throughout the process and makes sure that they are ready to hire. Even his distant assistants love him for his passion, personality, and ethics.

Here’s one great shoutout to RJ for sharing his story with us…

“It’s rare to have someone like Jaime. He is the best boss.” – RJ Bobis

And special thanks to clients who left five-star ratings and reviews in one of the pages online…

“Worked with Jaime a number of times. He is awesome and been a big help to my business. 100% recommendation!” – Dave

“Bottleneck goes BEYOND just finding a DA, they walk you step by step through how [to] create a job role and accountability for your Distant Assistant to ensure the best fit! Working with a DA can help liberate you!” – Scott

As a team, we are excited to hear him speak live at BBRS 2017 this November. There is just so much that one can learn from him. He is scheduled to speak on November 9 at 3:30 PM Central time / 4:30 PM Eastern.

Special Discount Available at the Summit

“Wait. Isn’t BBRS 2017 for free?” you may ask. Absolutely! But Jaime will bring with him a special gift for the Summit participants.

Listen to him speak live at the event on November 9 and you can get a $50 discount in your sourcing fee. What’s even better? You can have up to $150 off if you upgrade to VIP.

But here’s the thing…

You have to make sure that you are present on the day that Jaime will speak. Discounts are available only via promo code that he will exclusively share to his listeners.

It’s a sure treat which business owners and entrepreneurs can claim should they be interested in hiring a distant assistant.

Not only will you hear classic insights from delegation and outsourcing expert Jaime Jay at BBRS 2017, but you will also get to engage with him and have the special opportunity to partner with him in growing your business through Das.

Register for BBRS 2017 to Hear Jaime Jay

Now, how do you sign up for this big, live virtual summit to scale your business? Visit the Summit website by clicking here.

There you will find Jaime Jay and Nicole Holland greeting you with a warm welcome. To register, simply click on the “Get Free Access to the Entire Event” button and submit your name and email. Don’t forget to click the “Yes, I’m in!” button to complete your submission.

That’s it! Once done, just hold your horses until November comes. We know it’s not easy to wait sometimes with so many experts to learn from. We’re excited for BBRS 2017 as well.

In the meanwhile after you’ve registered…

All the other information you need for the Summit are just on the website. Feel free to browse through in your spare time.

So, what are you waiting for? Register for #BBRS2017 now, listen to Jaime Jay speak and claim the promo code you will need in this form.

Ready to hear Delegation & Outsourcing Expert Jaime Jay Speak at BBRS 2017? Feel free to share your thoughts with others in the comments below!

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Jaime Jay

About Jaime Jay

Meet Jaime Jay – a man who wears many hats, and wears them all admirably. He's a master connector, an entrepreneur extraordinaire, and a published author who knows how to get things done.

Before he found his way to the business world, Jaime served his country as a brave paratrooper in the U.S. Army. But that's just the beginning of his many accomplishments.

He's the founder of the renowned Bottleneck Distant Assistant Services firm, and his book "Quit Repeating Yourself" has become a must-read for entrepreneurs everywhere.

When he's not busy building his empire, you can find him on his beloved Harley Davidson, cruising through the countryside and taking in the invigorating effects of Uitwaaien – a Dutch practice that involves facing the wind to boost health and relieve stress.

He enjoys spending his free time outside building stuff with his wife, Nikita the dog and their two kittens (for now at least) Tommy and Tater.

He is ‘over-the-moon’ happily married to his wonderful wife Sara, his amazing daughter, Jessica, who is serving our country as a United States Army soldier. Jaime and Sara are the proud grand parents of two beautiful little girls.


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