How Distant Assistants Manage Their Time

How Virtual Assistants Manage Their Time

Ever wondered how distant assistants manage their time? We surveyed ten promising individuals in the industry to get a glimpse of their work strategies. Here are their answers:

Allocate Time Wisely

Kristine, Social Media Manager: I create a to-do list prior to starting work and budget time for each task. I give more attention to urgent tasks and work on completing them first during the day. During my shift, I also take breaks to replenish my energy for the remaining hours.

Do the Difficult Tasks First

Ro-Ann, Content Writer: I maintain a routine weekly. I list down my tasks and arrange my schedule for every day of the week.

At the start of the day, I try to work on the difficult tasks so that I expend my energy for tasks that need more focus. Any remaining tasks feel a lot less taxing if I succeed in clearing my to-do list of those bigger tasks.

Do the Easy Tasks First

Paolo Christian Gallardo, Web Engineer: I manage my time by focusing on high priority items in my list. I also use productivity apps, such as Basecamp and Trello. They help me track my hours spent on a project and identify which tasks to work during the day.

I handle the easier tasks first, and do sprints that challenge me to finish as many tasks as possible within an hour.

Do the Pomodoro

Sherwin, Web Developer: I use a project management tool to schedule priorities. For some tasks, I use the Pomodoro Technique.

Give More Attention to Work

Cedrick, Graphic Designer: I find it easier to manage my time when I prioritize work. I make it an effort to eliminate distractions, such as opening my social media account and doing other things that keep me from finishing tasks.

In the end, my work suffers just as much as I do when I allow myself to be distracted. The more focused I am, the more productive I become.

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Prioritize, Organize, and Be Happy

Mike, Audio Editor: As a full-time editor, father of six, and husband, I have an erratic schedule every day. I learned three things.

First, do what makes you happy. My performance at work improves when I feel good and refreshed. It gives me energy to handle daily activities. 

Second, turn off distractions. Find a place where none can take your attention away from work. It is among the best ways to stay focused.

Last, get your calendar in order. If it is not in my calendar, it is not going to happen.

I do my best to make a habit of blocking time on my calendar for strategizing, creativity, and budgeting. I do the same for meetings, fetching the kids from school, among other things.

Schedule the Hours

Romely, Distant Assistant: I schedule my work hours even when I am on a flexible schedule. I also make sure to schedule those hours during the business hours of my client. It gives them the impression that I want to be available for them despite our time zone difference.

Set Priorities and Follow Through

Diane, Content Curator: Managing my time as a distant assistant is easy. All I need is to set priorities. Since I work full time for my client, I dedicate most of my day finishing assignments.

The rest of the day, I still find time to cook, do errands, and go to Church. I also manage my business on the side and visit it regularly. Messaging apps and productivity tools also play a huge role, because they help me stay updated online.

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Stay Away from Distractions

RJ, Web Developer: I avoid visiting my social media accounts during work hours. Often, to minimize distractions, I stay inside my room and remind my family that I am working. To-do lists and the project management tools are also helpful in setting my priorities straight.

Work According to the Need

Rechelle, Recruitment Manager: My schedule depends on the volume and type of tasks on my plate. I have a lot of tasks every day so I organize them from the most urgent to the least. This way, I also get to provide better updates about my job to the team.


Distant assistants manage their time in different ways. Some of them multi-task while a number do routine jobs only. Their job roles and the flexibility of their work schedule also affect the number of tasks they complete in a day.

Working from home does not make them any less productive. They take the initiative to manage their time. They keep themselves focused at work so that their clients feel more confident delegating tasks to them.

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