How to Delegate Tasks Effectively

How to Delegate Tasks Effectively

Your Distant Assistant has completed the task and you are ready to tick it off the to-do list. However, there is one problem—the output isn’t near your expectations. What would you have done differently to delegate tasks effectively?

Delegation requires clarity. It requires a clear sense of direction on what needs to be done. Without it, your Distant Assistants are left to fend for themselves in the dark. 

Here are just five (5) suggestions:



1. Choose the Right Task to Delegate. 


There are different types of tasks to delegate to a Distant Assistant. These include tasks that drag your day, tasks that keep you from doing what you love, as well as tasks that you lack expertise. Distant Assistants step in to do the work and lessen your workload.

Distant Assistants work alongside you in achieving your goals. However, there are limits to their job roles. Before delegating a task, first, consider how it fits your Distant Assistant’s responsibilities.

Know what to delegate by looking closely at the situation. The task might be something that only you can do. It might also be something that requires a different expertise that your Distant Assistant is not equipped with.   



2. Define the Metrics. 


What will tell you that the task has been completed well? Determine a way of measuring your Distant Assistant’s performance and output.

Keep in mind that you cannot delegate what you cannot measure. It reflects poor management that lacks direction. Have a reason for delegating the task and define the metrics. It will save you and your distant assistant valuable time and energy.   



3. Assign to the Right Person. 


Does your Distant Assistant have the skills to perform the task? Does she have what it takes to achieve your desired output? Make sure to assign the task to the right person.

Distant Assistants work hard in their jobs. They do what they could to improve a situation that sometimes they find it difficult to refuse when an opportunity to assist arrives. That makes them special, but it does not necessarily mean they know it all.

Talk with your distant assistant if you have a task that you are unsure about. Avoid delegating tasks that require your distant assistant to step out of their given roles. It may lead to overwhelm and eventually burnout.


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4. Set Clear Expectations. 


Be clear about the tasks that you are delegating. Tell your Distant Assistant the reason for assigning it to her. Also, let her know about how you expect her to complete it.

Set expectations instead of delegating work that just needs to be ticked off. Make your instructions specific and easy to understand. Tell her about how you think it should be done in the first place.



5. Be open to discussion. 


Many things can be lost in between conversations. Encourage your distant assistant to ask questions when something about the task is unclear. Allow them to share their concerns about it too.

It eases any pressure that might already be building up inside them. Give them the confidence they need by extending support in areas you could. It develops trust that goes a long way. 


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Final Thoughts


How has your life or business improved with a Distant Assistant? Are you still finding it difficult to achieve commendable results after many months? Make it a habit to delegate tasks effectively. 

Allow space for growth as you go along. Lead the way for your DA. It sets priorities, alleviates pressure, and simplifies the work that you do together.

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