The 8 Figure Success with Jordan Ross of 8 Figure Agency


Welcome to a special edition of our Bottleneck blogs. Here we spotlight like-minded business leaders and entrepreneurs that share our vision of having an efficient and well-balanced company.

Today, we have Jordan Ross, the founder and CEO of 8 Figure Agency. 8 Figure is a consultancy agency focused on helping digital marketing agencies scale their operations through systems, processes, and comprehensive workflows.

Join us to learn more about Jordan Ross and how 8 Figure Agency can transform digital marketing agencies into powerhouses!

Meet Jordan Ross

jordan ross 8 figure agency

Jordan Ross was previously Amazon’s operations leader. He worked with the online giant for four years. During his time with Amazon, Jordan managed over 2500 employees. In his final role at the company, he oversaw a business unit that did $50 million per year in revenue.

According to Jordan, the people he most enjoyed working with at Amazon were the digital marketing agency owners. They were so good at what he loved the most: sales and marketing. He also figured out where they struggled. It was this realization that pushed him to create 8 Figure Agency.

His primary goal was to help other companies build amazon level businesses. He brought to the table what they couldn’t, which was ROI set in stone, leadership, business savviness, and expertise to scale operations.

The Company

8 Figure Agency has its HQ in California and is a 100% virtual agency. Since its formation, the company has partnered with several other companies such as Hawke Media, Pneuma Media, Trend Z, and Pareto PPC, to name a few.

8 Figure Agency’s goal is to grow an agency by creating predictability in their business. It seemed unattainable at first, but Jordan Ross, CEO and founder of 8 Figure Agency, would not stop trying. He deemed it possible through smart management decisions and improved operational processes.

8 Figure Agency is a two-person team consisting of Jordan Ross, the CEO and founder, and his business partner, Zach Vieth. Zach was a client before joining the company as Jordan’s partner. Nonetheless, Zach remains the COO of Blnk Slate, his agency.

Challenges and Obstacles, and How to Overcome Them

Jordan Ross shared how he overcame challenges and turned them into strengths, giving 8 Figure Agency the edge that it has right now. He also mentioned that one of his primary principles is continuous improvement. 8 Figure Agency is not perfect, he says, but they strive to aim for success. They persist with processes until they yield the required results.

His advice to business owners? Build systems with an auditing mechanism. These auditing mechanisms should conduct an audit once every six months, at least. Auditing helps prevent the business from becoming outdated. Digital marketing and sales should always be up to date and must keep in touch with upcoming trends.

Digital marketing and sales agencies should be aware of trends even before becoming popular. There’s a need for these agencies to leverage these trends to create even better systems.

8 Figure Agency Now

Jordan Ross shares that the clients enjoy 8 Figure Agency’s services currently provided. Feedback is nothing short of amazing. Clients say that they work fewer hours and that their business is much easier to handle now that they have a stellar agency working with them.

What 8 Figure Agency does is take over the mundane and repetitive aspects of a client’s business. This approach allows the client to focus on what they enjoy doing -handling real business.

The good thing about 8 Figure Agency being a 100% virtual company is that it could operate even in a pandemic. Operations continued since all correspondence between them, and their clients remained online.

They keep in touch with the other members of the team who are offshore by reviewing a few things each week. First, they talk about Zach’s personal and professional goals, and then Jordan helps him achieve them. Doing this helps align their views on keeping 8 Figure Agency growing as their business.

They also review their growth plan twice a week to debrief their clients. Jordan also makes sure that he serves Zach to his highest ability to grow their businesses.

The 8 Figure Agency Process

8 figure agency

When clients need the company’s services, they usually go through a four-point workflow. This workflow guides 8 Figure Agency on how to help the client in the best possible way.

First, 8 Figure Agency makes an initial inquiry on what drives the client’s company. This step’s major inquiry points include goal understanding, bottlenecks, and pain points.

Next, the 8 Figure conducts an audit. The audit is to deep dive into the client’s businesses to understand what is not working and which systems are not optimized.

What follows is the development of a blueprint. This blueprint presents a roadmap from the client’s present position when the Agency meets to where they are going in the future.

Lastly, the Agency works with the client to implement and execute the plan created to scale their business.

The Future for 8 Figure Agency

Since the Agency has always been remote, it will remain remote for as long as it operates. Jordan Ross gave us a sneak peek into the future of the Agency, as they have launched an “irresistible offer,” a term coined by Alex Hormozi.

They are launching a no payment revenue-sharing model, which they will be sharing with specific clients to help them scale their business. Jordan also said that the demand for this particular service is very high and that the ceiling of achievement is even higher.

8 Figure Agency’s long-term goal is to become a household name among service-based businesses. Jordan and Zach believe that they will change over one million companies’ workplaces and make business people’s lives better with their impact.

It is a goal that may sound outrageous in today’s economy. Regardless, it does not look so impossible with over 250 companies as partners and clients.

For more information on Jordan Ross and 8 Figure Agency, you can check them out on the following platforms:

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