How Having a Website Benefits Your Business

How Having a Website Benefits Your Business

With the vast number of internet users around the world, websites present a great door of opportunity for businesses to extend and expand their services. Even for brick and mortar business owners, they can grow their brands by reaching out to those outside of their locality. Here’s how having a website benefits your business.

1. Online Presence

An outstanding 90% of consumers surveyed expect brands to have self-service portals. These could be in any form where current and potential customers may easily access necessary files and information. A website is one very good example of a portal.

We live in an age where information is highly sought-after. We see that proven time and again by social media where millions, if not billions, of active individuals thrive. They refer to their mobile devices for almost anything they want answers for.

With a website, you can:

  • Provide a go-to place of information for your current and potential customers
  • Notify customers about any updates regarding your business
  • Make yourself available by giving your contact information (you may also consider having a chatbot to better cater to their concerns)
  • Provide videos, documents, images, and other such informative tools
  • Link your website to your social media accounts

It is one thing to be known in your locality and another thing to also be known in your specific niche.

Here’s how having a website benefits your business. If you consider it closely, your niche or target market consists of people with different backgrounds. That means they may come from different places as well.

Take for example that you sell white roses in personalized packages. If people search the internet for white roses in personalized packages, your business can be found easily in the list of results if you have a website. Although they don’t reside anywhere near you, they may consider you in the future should they find themselves in the same locality.

By extending your business to others on the internet, you provide yourself with more opportunities to grow as well.

2. Leads

It is natural for businesses to look for people who might be interested in their services. With a website, you can set up sales funnels, create content, or do anything else to promote your business. You can think of creative ways to do them.

They help you identify business leads. And by opening yourself to the world online, you provide your business with more leads.

3. Brand Strength

What are you selling? When people think of a product, they typically think of a brand that sells that product. That is because it is the experience that they are after.

What people see and feel and hear about your business leave behind imprints of identity in their minds. The experience that your business provides them with can go a long way.

“Branding is the art of becoming knowable, likeable and trustable.” – John Jantsch

What you can do is work on that experience and improve it. A great brand experience can do a lot better than the average.

With a website, you can present that great experience you have. Since you are online, you are able to extend that experience to a lot more people. That is one way of leaving good impressions and strengthening your brand.

4. Customer Satisfaction

Going back to the research mentioned above, a majority of consumers expect brands to have self-service portals. People like to have something that they can explore on their own. A website can provide that kind of ability to them.

At your own place online, your current and potential customers may find the answers to their concerns. Instead of having to visit your business physically or call you on the phone, they can browse your website instead.

“One customer well taken care of could be more valuable than $10,000 worth of advertising.” – Jim Rohn

By having a website, you give enable people to find solutions for their immediate and future needs. Not only that but you also get to know what their needs are and be able to use that information to improve your business.

5. Community Engagement

Are you getting the most out of your business? Sometimes what you just need is an active engagement with the people you deal with.

Through a website, you can engage with your community using videos, audio, and any other forms of content. That way, you get them updated with your business.

“Community is much more than belonging to something; it’s about doing something together that makes belonging matter.” – Brian Solis

You may also link your website to your social media accounts. That enables people to easily get in touch with you on their favorite social media platforms should they want to.

Apart from connecting on social media, you may also consider visiting other websites in your business niche and give feedback to the content they have. You may like, share, or comment to spark active engagement.

Extend and Expand Your Business with a Website

The online world has lots of opportunities that are just waiting to be seized—opportunities to establish relationships, strengthen your brand, and grow your business.

Nowadays, you can have a website at a low price. Or, you can hire a website developer to build it for you. Bottleneck Distant Assistants can help connect you to a vetted website developer.

“You don’t pay the price for success. You pay the price for failure, and enjoy the benefits of success.” – Zig Ziglar

Just like what Zig Ziglar said, the benefits of success are to be enjoyed. By investing your resources on the right tools, you position your business for more opportunities to succeed. By investing in a website, you unlock more ways to extend and expand your business.

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