5 People to Hire for Your Business Online

5 People to Hire for Your Business Online

As your business grows, the number of tasks you do increases as well. Growth sometimes mean more phone calls to make, more appointments to deal with, and more business functions to fulfill. To help you become more productive, you may consider hiring reliable, vetted distant assistants to give you a hand. Here are 5 people to hire for your business online.

“No person will make a great business who wants to do it all himself or get all the credit.” – Andrew Carnegie

1. Admin Assistant

Are you finding yourself spending too much time in simply checking emails and notifications? Or, have your daily tasks multiplied that you cannot seem to complete all of them in a day?

An admin assistant is one of the 5 people to hire for your business online. Although that admin assistant is located on the far side of the globe, she can still complete tasks for your business.

An admin assistant can:

  • Help you with daily tasks
  • Manage your schedule
  • Book and confirm appointments
  • Send out announcements to specific people in your business
  • Organize your files and folders
  • Provide reports from meetings with clients and work team

You may consider finding a reliable distant assistant like Michelle Calma or Romely Esquejo. Both of them understand the value of diligence and authenticity in working with their respective clients. At the end of the day, they know how much it matters to provide quality results.

Their genuine concern and desire for the success of your business drive them to work with passion.

2. Web Developer

Is your business making the most out of her online presence? Having a website helps strengthen your business’ identity. It helps provide a lasting impression to your target market.

But if you have neither the time nor the skills to build a website, you may consider hiring a vetted web developer instead.

A web developer can:

  • Build the website of your business
  • Troubleshoot website issues when necessary
  • Install the necessary tools for the website of your business
  • Optimize your website for search engines
  • Work alongside a graphic designer to design your website

You may tell the web developer about what you want to achieve in your business. You can agree on a design and the work process to streamline the tasks. There are tools you may use to maintain your communication and thereby increase productivity.

3. Graphic Designer

Business logos, ebook and magazine covers, brochures, Facebook cover images, podcast artworks—designing visuals is the specialty of a graphic designer. Just like working with a web developer, you may ask a graphic designer to create visuals that will perfectly align with your brand.

A graphic designer can:

  • Develop the layout and design for a variety of visuals
  • Help you stay updated on design trends
  • May work alongside web developer to build your website
  • Create image posts for your social media accounts

Together, you can craft an experience that your customers will enjoy and appreciate. Social media and other platforms use visuals to engage users. You can do the same on your online accounts.

You may ask, how do visuals appeal to people?

There have been various studies regarding how people interact with the things they see. With the right colors, people are more likely to read your content by as much as 40 percent. And by nature, the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than it does with text.

Familiarity with the brand and the emotions generated by the colors you use both leave a significant influence on people. With a graphic designer in your team, you can create appropriate designs to use for your business.

4. Content Writer

Publishing articles online is one way to increase the strength of your online presence. If you already have a place on the internet, you may want to consider a content writer among the 5 people to hire for your business online.

A content writer can:

  • Research trends and interesting topics
  • Write articles for your website
  • Write content for your website pages
  • Optimize content for search engines
  • Help you on other writing tasks when necessary

Despite the popularity of video and content nowadays, written words are still essential in conveying what those contents are about.

When it comes to producing regular content, statistics show that doing so generates more leads, establishes credibility, and produces positive ROI. For that, you might want to consider having a reliable and creative content writer to power up your business.

5. Social Media Manager

It is no secret that social media enables you to connect and engage better with your target market. Using any of the social media platforms, you may post new updates and engage through likes, comments, and shares. But keeping up on social media isn’t the only task in running a business.

You may consider hiring a social media manager instead. Doing so will free your time and enable you to focus on other priorities.

A social media manager can:

  • Manage and maintain your social media accounts
  • Create social media posts on your behalf
  • Stay updated with your market on social media
  • Create social media campaigns for your business
  • Engage with your social media followers

Like they say, it’s all about relationships. A good social media manager can create and strengthen those connections for you. And, you can work together in assessing what better ways to promote your business.

Delegate and Be More Productive

Growing a business is no easy feat. It comes with a number of different tasks to fulfill. But you don’t necessarily have to do all those things by yourself.

You can consider delegating those tasks instead and enjoy the benefits.

With the right amount of resources, you may consider 5 people to hire for your business online. There are plenty of vetted, skilled individuals who are willing to work with passionate business owners.

Is there a task that you need to delegate? Bottleneck Distant Assistants can match you with someone who can work from the comforts of his home. You may schedule a consultation with us now to start growing your business with a VA.

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