Why More Companies are Starting to Employ Remote DevOps Teams

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Why More Companies are Starting to Employ Remote DevOps Teams

Organizations must design a cloud strategy to support the future of work, as the pandemic has caused a significant shift in the working culture of software development. Once a company migrates to the cloud, DevOps allows effective collaboration between development and operations teams to achieve the most efficient product development possible. Additionally, DevOps teams help organizations manage IT complexities and security threats.

Nowadays, DevOps outsourcing has evolved from simply a cost-cutting measure to a critical step in business resilience. To accomplish their objectives and create high-quality goods, businesses should consider hiring remote professionals who can boost efficiency and quality. Remote DevOps engineers and developers can help organizations eliminate development and communication bottlenecks that occur between the concept and execution of software development.

Building an internal DevOps team entails additional administrative expenses, time, and effort, and not every business has these resources. Hiring a remote DevOps team is cost-effective because it eliminates the costs of a physical office. This is one of the many advantages a remote DevOps team offers employers.

Continue reading to discover why more companies are hiring remote DevOps teams.

Reduced Costs

Office rents are always rising, particularly in major cities. As previously stated, a remote DevOps team would be less costly than an in-house or even offshore team that requires office space. Hiring a remote DevOps team allows businesses to save money on office space, operating costs, supplies, utilities, and other related expenses.

Access to a Diversified Talent Pool

Working with a remote DevOps team lets you tap into a global talent pool with a range of skills. Organizations can connect with exceptional individuals with different specializations, in different locations around the world. You get the opportunity to work with the most seasoned professionals in the field, regardless of where they live.

Another cost-cutting advantage is the option to employ non-local talent. Local talent can be quite expensive, particularly in developed markets. With remote working, you may recruit high-quality professionals—from anywhere around the globe—who possess the relevant technical skills and expertise for your project.

More Focused

Often, a distributed team of remote software engineers and developers delivers value in areas where an in-house or offshore team might struggle. Because they are not involved in internal business politics or workplace conflicts, they have a more impartial and broader view of DevOps requirements and solutions, enabling innovation to occur fluidly and objectively, unencumbered by other complicated and stressful dynamics.

DevOps is undoubtedly a team sport, and though working remotely, it is still important to create and maintain a healthy organizational structure. It is critical to explicitly define individual roles and duties when collaborating with a remote DevOps team to achieve success. Whatever your organizational structure, DevOps demands collaboration across multiple functions and shared accountability to ensure the highest quality possible.

Here are some recommendations for key team managers:

IT Manager

Delegate responsibilities to team members, create an environment conducive to learning and continuous improvement, and communicate and build trust with counterparts on other teams. 

Dev Manager 

Communicate and build trust with counterparts in Operations, invite Ops to the planning process, collect feedback from Ops, and collaborate with them throughout the deployment process.

Increased Productivity and Efficiency

With remote teams, organizations can boost productivity and efficiency. According to a FlexJobs survey of over 2,100 workers who worked remotely during the pandemic, 51% reported being more productive when working from home, and 95% reported maintaining or increasing productivity while working remotely.

Though there are several factors for improved performance, some of the top reasons respondents provided for increased productivity include:

  • Fewer work interruptions (68%)
  • A quieter work atmosphere (68%)
  • A more comfortable workspace (66%)
  • Better focus on assigned tasks (63%)
  • Zero or minimal office politics (55%)

With less stress and distractions, remote DevOps teams can devote more time and energy to work, resulting in increased efficiency.

Faster and Reliable Deployment

Organizations that embrace the DevOps culture and methodology are well ahead in the game. A scalable and efficient DevOps strategy enables teams to exceed customer expectations and gain a competitive edge. Organizations spend less time on manual activities and problem resolution and more time on innovation.

With faster software development life cycles and continuous integration, testing, and deployment, remote DevOps teams of seasoned engineers and developers can help deliver significant results.

Final Thoughts

If your organization recognizes the need to migrate to the cloud and invest in a sustainable digital transformation in DevOps, now is the time to hire a remote DevOps team that can help you reach your DevOps goals. DevOps engineers, developers, and managers play a critical role in accelerating digital transformation, ensuring the survival of your organization while driving more value. 

Here at Bottleneck, we understand how crucial it is for a business to find the best talent to succeed. Check out our blog to get the latest tips and strategies for leveraging a distributed workforce.

Author’s Bio

Bash Sarmiento is a writer and an educator from Manila. He writes laconic pieces in the education, marketing, lifestyle and health realms. His academic background and extensive experience in teaching, textbook evaluation, business management and traveling are translated in his works.

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