Aaron Anastasi – The Voice of Your Dreams

Jaime Jay and his co-host Emmy award winner Mark Haffner welcome Aaron Anastasi – The Voice of Your Dreams to the show today. Aaron got his first chance with a youth group atAaron Anastasi - The Voice of Your Dreams 14 years old. As soon as he started singing, he remembers the looks on the faces of the listeners as they were shocked with his lack of having a voice.  Aaron remembers his voice as being really bad. This sent him on his journey to find a method to create his singing voice that became good enough to sing professionally.

Superior Singing Method

Aaron become obsessed with helping others discover their singing voices even if they were not born with natural talent. it’s a systematic 8 week program he shares with others. Recently he has become obsessed with helping others in life in general and not just singing. He took his 8 week program and converted that into a life enrichment program. This led to his book The Voice of Your Dreams.

Aaron’s Education

Aaron attended Princeton University for his undergraduate and master’s degree. He attended the theological seminary where he studied philosophy, psychology and theology. Those courses were very helpful in the writing of his book.

He credits his ability to think systematically to school in general. He was a free-flowing and spontaneous artist who thought systems would hold him back. Aaron discovered that using a system allowed him to achieve and accomplish so much more. He finds that success is much more sustainable using a system.

Aaron Anastasi - The Voice of Your DreamsGet the Results You Want

Aaron began his path to success by asking himself who he needs to be to get the results he wants? This question ignited something inside of him and set him on his journey to discover who that person is. Aaron knew he needed to shift his being in such a way that new results come as a natural response to his shift.

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Here are the highlights of my conversation with Aaron Anastasi – The Voice of Your Dreams if you are in a hurry:

  • Who is Aaron Anastasi? (4:00 Mark)
  • Did school help with his systems? (9:35 Mark)
  • What was Aaron’s break away moment? (12:30 Mark)
  • What are “limiting voices”? (15:35 Mark)
  • The truth about you (29:13 Mark)

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