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Jaime Jay welcomes Alex Barker to the show today. Jaime met Alex at Podcast Movement 2016 in Chicago and was blown away by his story. Therefore, today’s podcast is all about Alex Barker Alex Barker Learning from Mistakes as a Scientific Processtalks about Learning from Mistakes as a Scientific Process.

Alex Barker’s Career Path

Alex began his journey to success in undergrad and grad school in order to become a pharmacist. After grad school he went into his residency program but discovered he had no idea what he was going to do. Alex was not in love with pharmacy or what that future held. He was kind of lost.

Alex and his wife took a financial course which led him down the path of self development. He read two books by Steven Covey and Dale Carnegie, the links are below, that were a tremendous influence upon him. The impact of the seminar and the books were life changing for Alex. It really made him look at himself as a person and the legacy he wanted to leave behind. This led him down the path to where he is now.

Journey to Success

Alex has paid of his house as a result of the financial seminar. He has three companies and a full-time job. Through that one financial seminar, Alex and his wife came to realize how much more money they could have, how much more they could invest and how much more they could give away because of paying off their debt sooner.

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Despite the fact they were budgeting, they were not getting ahead. They cut out things like Starbucks and applied that to their debt. He knew he needed a bigger shovel to dig out of debt sooner. So he began by building businesses.

Alex Barker Learning from Mistakes as a Scientific ProcessIf you would like to learn what Alex Barker says next about his journey to success, then download and listen to the Alex’s episode 85 of Stop Riding the Pine.

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Here are the highlights of my conversation with Alex Barker says Learning from Mistakes as a Scientific Process if you are in a hurry:

  • Who is Alex Barker? (5:04 Mark)
  • Most American’s are paying 3x’s the value of their homes! (10:20 Mark)
  • Why podcasting? (12:40Mark)
  • Applying the scientific process (16:25 Mark)
  • Alex’s Break Away Moment (24:31 Mark)

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