Angus Nelson – Life Expectations

Jaime Jay welcomes Angus Nelson – Life Expectations to the show today. Angus works with large companies as a speaker, coach and facilitator. His podcast was listed in the top 20 businessAngus Nelson - Life Expectations podcasts for in 2015.

Struggling with Success

Angus has spoken at headquarters for Coca-Cola, Adobe and Wal-Mart. He’s been incredibly successful but it’s not something he is comfortable with. Growing up in the Midwest, there was always a negative connotation that went along with dropping names and flaunting success.

This false pride has taken him over 40 years to overcome. It was no longer something that puffed him up. Instead, it gave him credibility with others that he is opening up a doorway to your head and to your heart for him to speak of something with depth, quality and quantity.

Angus Nelson – Life Expectations Journey

Angus began at bible college with a degree in youth ministry. In his late 20’s he moved into non-profits. By his early 30’s, he was in the constant struggle to keep his non-profit afloat. He was working 60-70-80 hour work weeks. The stress caused rifts within his marriage. Angus turned to alcohol, pornography and other sexual encounters.

Be present and content with the journey – Angus Nelson

Angus loses everything and is broken. For three years Angus struggled until he discovered grace.

Life Moving Forward

Angus Nelson - Life ExpectationsAngus relocated to Alabama and enrolled in school. Angus began to experience healing and wholeness within himself. He discovered that so much of what he had done was based upon self sabotage.

Angus Nelson was challenged by his wife to write a book.  He wrote about his dark times and everything that he learned along the way.

Publishers didn’t want his book. Angus self-published and through necessity learned about marketing. This put him in the world of social marketing which led him to his current path.

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Here are the highlights of my conversation with Angus Nelson – Life Expectations if you are in a hurry:

  • Who is Angus Nelson? (3:30 Mark)
  • It’s in your head (6:45 Mark)
  • The turning point? (8:43 Mark)
  • Expectations and goals? (12:40 Mark)
  • What was Jason’s break away moment? (22:10 Mark)
  • Angus and secret sauce (28:35 Mark)

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