Brendan McClenahan

Brendan McClenahan is co-owner of Cupla Media with his twin brother Connor. He offers the tips you can use to improve your connection with your prospective clients.

“We give people a plan, and coach them how to talk through a script and focus on their ideal clients.” – Brendan McClenahan

Using Videos for the Private Practice

193 Brendan McClenahan Customer Connection Through VideoFour years ago, Connor wanted to have more clients for his therapy clinic. He already had a website and did his best to write copies that would attract people.

“Building a relationship with someone you have never met is not easy … Video is a powerful tool for anybody who is creating something.” – Brendan McClenahan

Not getting the results he wanted, he became frustrated and confused on what to do. That’s when he realized the power of videos.

Videos empowered him to show his authenticity. True enough, he filled his practice within a month. Now, the twin brothers are helping others through Cupla Media.

More than a Money Machine

According to Brendan, creators already have an idea of their products. But, there are times when they could feel trapped in viewing their potential clients as money machines. Cupla Media exists to help them change their approach.

“The most important in a video marketing is what you are saying and how you are relating to your potential clients.” – Brendan McClenahan

Getting in Front of a Camera

Brendan discusses that to some people, it is not easy to get in front of a camera. They could feel like a million eyes are on them and be stressed. But they could plan ahead of time and focus on their potential client instead.

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