Chris Cooper Gym Business Mentorship Success | Ep. 205

Chris Cooper

Chris Cooper is a fitness gym business mentor with hundreds of clients around the world. He equips them with resources and pieces of advice for them to have a thriving business.

“I was buying myself a job. And, being the best fitness trainer didn’t make me a good business owner at all.” – Chris Cooper

Fitness Gym Business Mentor

Chris Cooper Gym Business Mentorship Success | Ep. 205Chris has been coaching hockey players in fitness since 1996. He opened a gym in 2005 with hopes of turning it into a successful business. But long story short, he went close to bankruptcy.

His mentor helped him overcome. Knowing that others may have similar experiences in running a gym, he shared the lesson he learned from his mentor via blogs. Eventually, he compiled all these into a book and it became one of the bestsellers in the fitness industry.

Two-Brain Business

The blogs landed Chris on several speaking occasions. People kept coming to him for advice. In 2016, Two-Brain Business mentoring was born. And now, it is servicing to more than 350 clients worldwide.

Questions to Ask Your Clients

As a business owner, Chris wanted to have clients for many years. He shares that the first thing to do is identify your best clients in terms of profit and happiness. They are your key clients.

“Another big mistake that a lot of entrepreneurs make is that they project what they want onto their clients way too often.” – Chris Cooper

Next, ask them three questions: the favorite aspect of the gym, fitness industry frustration, and the biggest challenge in life after leaving. Behind these questions are reasons that Chris discusses in this episode.

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