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Chris grew up and remains in Scotland with his growing family. He began his successful entrepreneurial Chris Marr - Content Generation for Successjourney in 2010 when he wrote his first blog. Find out how your entrepreneurial journey can be successful with Chris Marr – Content Generation for Success.

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He began Content Marketing Academy as a general marketing company in 2013. As the company grew, he realized the company needed to educate. The more teaching they could do, the more money businesses would be willing to spend for marketing.

CMA started with the thought of educating and teaching but it’s more about building a community.

Delivering Content

Chris Marr’s company does speaking, videos, podcasts, blogs, podcast interviews and is out there as often as possible to get exposure for CMA.

Chris Marr - Content Generation for SuccessCMA is changing the way their clients do business. Chris Marr says Scotland is behind compared to the United States in marketing. CMA is ahead of the curve. They are leading the industry forward in Scotland by changing the way their clients communicate forever through content marketing.

If you are not creating content today, blog, video or podcast, you don’t exist. When people search for solutions and you have not created content, you won’t be found.

Business marketing is no longer about who is shouting the loudest. Consumers have more choices and think about buying choices differently.

Community Acknowledgement

Chris compares this to being in a crowd. If you say something and no one acknowledges you, what is the point. Providing or receiving feedback on your content is vital to getting people to like you and building a community.

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Here are the highlights of my conversation with Chris Marr – Content Generation for Success if you are in a hurry:

  • Who is Chris Marr? (3:51 Mark)
  • Why is content vital for business? (13:20 Mark)
  • Why build a community? (26:40 Mark)
  • What does Chris say about scalability? (27:45 Mark)
  • What was Chris’s break away moment? (31:56 Mark)

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