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Chris MilesChris Miles is known as the “cash-flow expert” and a leading authority on how to create cash flow and lasting wealth. He has demonstrated his expertise to hundreds of clients, entrepreneurs and others from all around the globe. He is not only very intelligent, but he is down to earth and extremely understanding. His ultimate goal is not to show off what he can do, rather to serve more people in an impactful way.

7 Secrets to Free Up Cash TodayChris opens up his mind and shares his knowledge from what he’s learned over the past nine years as a professional business consultant. He is passionate about helping people with their finances. He’s an expert at evaluting your financial data, sharing a path to managing your money, then showing you the best way to financial freedom. If you are feeling overwhelmed with your current financial situation and just don’t know what to do, visit Chris’s website, to download your free copy of his eBook called “Beyond Rice and Beans – The 7 Steps to Free Up Cash Today”. This eBook gives you a short overview of what you can do starting today to improve your financial situation.

Creating a ripple effect of prosperity, quality of life, and freedom thru families, generations, communities, and nations.

What Motiavted Chris Miles to Become an Entrepreneurial Financial Business Consultant Intstead of a Financial Advisor?

Chris Miles Finding and Fixing Money LeaksAre you like most people living month to month? Do you wonder where all your hard-earned money has gone? If you are fed up with your current financial situation or would like to find a way to secure your financial future, join the hundreds of other people that Chris has helped find their way to a secure and healthy financial lifestyle.

Chris went to college, but left one class shy of graduating because his entrepreneurial spirit took over. He went on to become a financial advisor, but found out that life simply wasn’t for him. He found that he was suggesting financial solutions to people because he was compensated based on his customers investments. He was hit by an epiphany when he was asked by one of his former employees left to become a real estate investor.

Chris got in an argument with his former employee about what was better… stocks or real estate? His friend stopped him and asked “Chris, what principals do you teach your clients?” Chris replied, “what do you mean by principals?” His friend asked the next question that changed Chris’s life forever… “How many of your clients are financially free where they don’t worry about money anymore?” Chris pondered for a bit and thought about the professionals he helped. As he retraced his past and existing clientele for a rebuttal, he didn’t have one.

Chris Miles SpeakingHis friend then went on to ask Chris if he was financially free based on the strategies he was recommending to his clients and again, he had to say he wasn’t. His friend told him that was his problem. When Chris asked his friend to give him the answer to this problem his friend politely declined. Chris was taken aback by the response and he urged his friend to let him know the secret. His friend, still unwilling to share the answer, directed Chris to a local radio show some millionaires did about finance and also told him to get a book called by “Who Took My Money” by Robert Kiyosaki. He found out what they were teaching was exactly opposite from the strategies he was teaching his clients.

3 Things to Improve Your Financial Landscape This Year

  • Create a spending plan by reviewing at least 6 months from 2014
  • Set clear objectives for 2015
  • Spend at least 3-5 minutes weekly actively tracking your money

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I sincerely enjoyed this interview. Chris is a very intelligent person with tons to offer and I can’t recommend listening to this episode in its entirety, but if you would like some reference points of some of the highlights, I’ve identified them below:

  • Meet Chris Miles (2:45 Mark)
  • How does Chris maintain his focus as a successful entrepreneur? (5:35 Mark)
  • What does Chris do at (8:15 mark)
  • What does Chris mean by being ambitiously lazy? (12:55 mark)
  • Do you help companies set up their social media with the Sociallybuzz app? (15:56 Mark)
  • Where are people’s money leaks – what tools do you use to stop the leaks? (15:56 Mark)
  • Where is the best investment you can make according to Chris? (29:05 Mark)
  • Chris’s Break Away Moment. (32:43 Mark)
  • What question about finance should you NEVER ask yourself again? (38:51 Mark)

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